Mitgenfeld’s Urbach tree is not to be cut back

It was a good month ago that berthold hahn was woken up in the middle of the night. On 14. May the beech tree on the outskirts of the village broke apart. Hahn, who lives on the outskirts of the town, knew immediately what had happened. For a long time the several hundred year old tree has been under observation.

A tree worthy of monumentation
The urbuche was – and is – a popular excursion point in the region and the landmark of mitgenfeld. But what is to be done with the tree, one of whose branches is lying broken on the ground?? Doris hupfer from the lower nature conservation authority made herself a picture of the damage on the spot. It really is a "denkmalwurdiger tree", she said about the mitgenfeld landmark.

For the time being, the mighty tree should remain where it is, said hupfer in response to a question from the saale newspaper. The branches with the leaves were soon cut back by municipal workers. Mayor walter muller (CSU) was unable to say when this would happen. The remains of the trunk stay where they are for now.

Protective measures are pending
For a long time, the lower nature conservation authority has regularly inspected the urbach tree. Markings were placed on the back of the tree as seen from the site. It became apparent that the two parts of the trunk were drifting further and further apart. According to hupfer, it makes no sense to trim the part of the tree that is still standing. "The tree appraiser told us that the trunk is no longer stable", she explained her decision.

But the place will probably remain for the population as an excursion point. In the future, the remains of the beech tree are to be fenced in with a solid boundary – for safety. So visitors are protected from falling branches and can still enjoy the wonderful view over the landscape.

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