Puma gets Adriana Lima

Puma gets adriana lima

Sports company puma announced a long-term partnership with international supermodel adriana lima on monday. She will be an ambassador for women’s training and will represent the brand’s marketing campaigns around the world. According to a press release from the company’s headquarters in herzogenaurach, germany.

Adriana lima is "a fantastic mother, a role model for millions and a passionate sportswoman". Watching her train is something very special. How else did she stay in shape to shine on the runway? "It’s thanks to her relentless, tough training routine. From the runway to the gym, from haute couture to sports – she’s always "authentic", it said in the press release.

Our weekly review: language at the asparagus stand

our weekly review: language at the asparagus stand

May has unfortunately just left us – but we would like to celebrate it once again. Thank you, mai, was already with you! Just because of the many holidays. And because it gave us more summer days than for example the vacationers on mallorca. The one or other violent warm thunderstorm was however also there. Whereas we have learned that the expert here speaks of "donner summer".

The love of the club

Let’s not forget that may also brings asparagus – and that’s just the start of it. And so the many sales booths. At our favorite asparagus stall, there is a favorite asparagus stall saleswoman, who this year is hovering a meter above the ground in our favorite asparagus stall. Which is related to the fact that my favorite asparagus vendor is the biggest club fan in the county of kitzingen.

The search for the budda cookie

The inclusive camp in reutersbrunn has a long tradition. Since 1992, the habberge district youth association (KJR) has been organizing a vacation camp here in cooperation with the habberge lifesupport association, where young people and children with and without disabilities have a lot of fun together. Only this year everything was different. Due to the pandemic and the strict rules of conduct, this year there was a "tent camp to go", so to speak.

Frank kupfer-mauder, the current managing director of the KJR, reports that in february the camp was already almost fully booked. But then everything changed. Corona destroyed all plans. A long time had to be waited, until one had certainty, in which framework at all meetings can take place.

A little fart lore about the “krouha

When “krouha” oversized tampons buzzing around and the mayor complaining about a “nice fart” it’s “buttenabend” in mitwitz, and we’re looking forward to it. On rosenmontag sounded again a loud: “mimetz za za” through the old gymnasium and the “nesthocker” did what they had come for: they squatted.

Once again it was colorful at the buttenabend. With a few lapses, but endearing and cordial. The program moderated “oberkrouha” sabine sander and mayor hans-peter laschka.