Zeitlofs: dogs quarrel – now the police is investigating

Zeitlofs: dogs quarrel - now the police is investigating

Anyone who owns a dog knows the situation: two strange dogs meet while walking, they can’t smell each other – and the scuffle is on. This is what happened recently in zeitlofs. Why this incident has not only prompted the police, but also the "bayerische zentralstelle fur bekampfung von extremismus und terrorismus" (bavarian central office for fighting extremism and terrorism) is very unusual for the two of them. On the one hand, this is due to matthias hauke, who, as mayor of zeitlofs, has a special role to play in this case. And to the dog owner who went berserk after the dog fight.

On 1. November the bad bruckenau police noted in their daily press report that a man – tommy B. (35) – had gone for a walk with his four dogs on sunday night. And that he roared and "woke up half the village with his screaming". The walk ended in front of the mayor’s house, whom he also "insulted and threatened" have. B. I received a banning order, so the peace in the village was ensured at least at night.

Precarious living conditions

Why tommy B. He told us days later at his home in zeitlofs that he had gone berserk. But it is not a home where he and his mother (53) live. It is a house in which only one room is habitable. This is shared by a mother, a son and four very healthy, well-groomed and obedient dogs: two huskies, two mongrels, they are called stasi, gauner, fidel castro and dora. Fliegend water they have only in a room, it serves as a toilet, the water comes ice cold from a tap and serves both to coil and to fill the naked bathtub, which stands in the middle of the room makeshift, to hygiene. The water only gets warm after hours, when the immersion heater makes the temperature bearable.

Promise for new apartment

B. And his mother seem to be on the very edge of society, pushed to the brink or through their own fault – it doesn’t seem to matter for the time being, the circumstances of how they live are shocking and cry out for help for the two of them. Tommy B.: "we already had the promise for a new apartment. After three years here we are completely at the end of our nerve." whether they both got help, refused help or did not apply for help, were left alone when they asked for help – it is difficult to clarify. They live together on 690 euros of state support. Before that, they lived in frankfurt, where b. Living off odd jobs at least well enough to afford a flatscreen monitor – it stands as a relic of better days as the only asset in the room.

The oral promise for another apartment in zeitlofs, which deserved the name, he had – until it came to an incident with one of his dogs and the dog of the mayor’s mother. "Castro" and the other dog had a "meeting" while walking, the B. Also. Castro was running towards the other dog without a leash, but "castro did not bite". What followed was an official leash and bark order for castro. "Then I talked with the mayor, we agreed on the leash requirement", so tommy B.. Mayor matthias hauke: "i have ordered the leash and muzzle requirement because i have had several complaints about the personal behavior and dog behavior of mr. B. Received.When burghers are afraid to use public roads in the village, I as mayor must react."

"We both yelled around"

As B. Then on 31.On october he was surprised to hear that he would not get the new apartment, the culprit was clear for him: the mayor "he intervened that we would not get the apartment", he is convinced of that. "I was shocked and drank a lot. Then we went for a walk that night. And it’s true: we have both been shouting. But not in front of the mayor’s house, but on a meadow far above the house." the sentences "go home, you old bastard!…" or "we’re still coming for you, you corrupt pig" he does not deny. But he does not want it "in any case" as a threat have meant "only as an announcement that he gets a charge of corruption from me". And he says he was threatened by awakened neighbors that night.

Burgermeister: we drove an unsafe life

The burgermeister sees it differently. He rejects the accusation that he intervened because of the apartment. Matthias hauke: "the owner of the apartment has withdrawn the agreement, after complaints in the village made the rounds and arrived with her." hauke describes what the threats are doing to him and his family: "since that saturday night, we have been worried. When someone shouts at night, ‘you corrupt pig’ or ‘every night someone could come, you’ve been mayor for the longest time’!’, then you think to yourself: for god’s sake, what’s going on now – and we worry and think about it. We just drove an insecure life." the mayor filed a complaint.

Normally, this case – restraining order, insult, threat – is a case for police inspection, here bad bruckenau. The officers also appeared on the night of the crime, accepted the complaint. But now the criminal police in schweinfurt are investigating – on the initiative of the newly established "bayerische zentralstelle fur bekampfung von rechtsextremismus und terrorismus" (bavarian central office for combating right-wing extremism and terrorism) (ZET.).

How the? Matthias hauke: "some time ago, like many other local politicians, I received a letter on this subject." politicians threatened in real life or on the internet have been able to escape since 11. September 2020 to the public prosecutor’s office in munich. "And there I have sent a mail with the proceedings", so hauke.

Munich public prosecutor’s office prufte

The public prosecutor’s office in munich examined the case, decided that it was relevant for the central office ZET and forwarded the request to the responsible public prosecutor’s office in schweinfurt for processing. The in turn called in the kripo, now they are investigating for political threats and insults.

Dr. Klaus ruhland is senior public prosecutor in munich, press spokesman: "this system is a project of the bavarian ministry of the interior." too often local politicians had already reported threats, especially during the state elections at the beginning of this year.

"Hate and incitement against municipal officials and mandate holders have taken on a frightening scale on the net", according to bavaria’s minister of justice georg eisenreich at the launch of the program. "This has consequences for the victims, but also for the political life in our country. Attacks on local politicians are also attacks on our democracy. The bavarian government does not accept these attacks. She stands by the side of the democratically elected representatives."

House searches

ZET is not inactive in other ways either. On 3. November 2020, the bavarian police and the judiciary organized house searches throughout bavaria in close consultation with ZET. This is how they wanted to put a stop to the authors of hate mails. In lower franconia, four apartments were searched in bad neustadt, in the district of rhon-grabfeld, in schweinfurt and wurzburg. Now four men (17-33 years old) are being investigated for three counts of incitement of the people, in one case for the use of signs of unconstitutional organizations. "Images and texts containing incitement to hatred, anti-semitism, racism and xenophobia were disseminated. Xenophobic content on social media, like whatsapp groups.", according to michael zimmer of the police prasidium of lower franconia.

So now a dog and its master have become a case for the criminal police. Tommy B. Says resignedly and ironically: "well bravo!."

He wants to hold on to the complaint against the mayor.

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