Wildflecken: the pumptrack project will continue at the end of may

There is water in the cistern of the old pumping station. The building itself has long since been demolished. Demolition began in the fall of 2016. At that time, mayor gerd kleinhenz (PWW) still thought that the new sports and recreation area at the sinn could be opened a year later. But contamination in the soil put a huge spanner in the works.

The builders found residues of fuel, oil and grease in the soil. Remains of tar are still visible today on the cistern wall. No one knows exactly where they came from. "For more than a year, investigations were carried out again and again", reports daniel kleinheinz from the municipal administration. In the meantime, the municipality can rule out the possibility that the pollutants were brought in from outside. Because the loading ramp for the tanks of the americans was located above the pumping station. But the pollution did not come from there, says the mayor.

He adds that the district administration has had a nearby scrap yard, which is no longer in use, investigated. The pollutants did not come from there either. The pumping station was built during the nazi era, supplying the troop camp at the time. Later, the american army used the land for drinking water supply. The burden may well originate from the construction period, the mayor suspects.

106000 euros more than estimated

At any rate, the municipality could not assert any claims for damages. "The federal army did not have this plant in operation", says the mayor. In the meantime, the market town of wildflecken has taken over the site from the federal real estate agency. With money from the state of bavaria, the unsightly ruin at the entrance to the town was to be removed and at the same time an attractive recreation area was to be created, especially for young people. This will also happen – only later and more expensive than originally planned.

The demolition of the pumping station and the redesign of the land according to the original plans will cost around 470,000 euros. According to the old calculation, the market town of wildflecken’s own financial contribution was 112,000 euros. However, the investigations and the disposal of the contaminated material will result in additional costs of around 106,000 euros for the municipal treasury.

By the way, the water management office is paying for the relocation of the sinn. Thus the market wildflecken saves indirectly money, because the existing bridge had to be redeveloped soon fundamentally. That probably cost 120,000 euros, estimates the mayor. After the last investigation only documented contractual pollution, the municipality is now allowed to continue the construction work – with the condition that a soil expert accompanies the project.

The cistern is to be demolished further at the end of may. At a certain depth it is closed, then the land is filled up. The new pitch should not be as easily flooded as before. Afterwards, the construction workers prepare everything for the detour of the sinn. However, this will only take place next spring, because the spawning season of the fish must be observed, explains the mayor.

If everything goes according to plan, the pump track will be ready in the fall of 2020. Then the youngsters can conquer the land with their mountain bikes, skateboards, scooters and inline skates. The youth also wanted a soccer field. It will complete the recreational area, as will a fireplace and elements of a walkable sensory system. Thus one of the projects of the conversion management, with which the district bad kissingen helps the former garrison municipality to find a new adjustment, became concrete again.

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