Healthy, fit and already

Healthy, fit and already

One likes it natural, relies on seawater, the other relies on chemicals or swears by the cutting and spraying technique of his beauty doctors. They all have one thing in common: they all want people to be fit and healthy.

Skin diseases such as psioriasis or neurodermatitis are among the complaints that can severely affect a person's appearance, especially under stress. Here salt baths and sunlight bring relief. You don't have to go to the seaside for this, often a trip to the nearest specialist clinic is enough. The special salt used here usually comes directly from the dead sea and is processed for further use.

It contains health-requiring mineral salts such as bromine, calcium, magnesium sulfate and others – in europe there is no natural healing source far and wide that contains all the ingredients of dead sea salt. Together with UV light – as has been proven by studies – brine baths achieve very good results when it comes to healing. The fact that the skin appears soft and smooth after brine bathing and UV treatment is no coincidence: the brine bath swells the horny layer of the skin, allowing the UV light to have a particularly good effect. Because the mineral salts have an anti-inflammatory effect, itching and redness are relieved, and the desquamation process is also promoted.

Ointments, creams and waters made from natural ingredients are also increasingly attracting the attention of consumers: they do not contain any additives made from petroleum. In addition, buyers of natural cosmetics also pay attention to the packaging, which should be made of glass or at least recycled plastic if possible. Natural cosmetics products are made entirely or to a large extent from natural ingredients, they contain very few or no chemical or artificially produced substances. Natural cosmetics contain some artificial substances, i.E., only individual additives that are mentioned as such are certified organic. Natural cosmetics are therefore far from being organic.

Natural or vegan cosmetic products are marked with special seals. If you are unsure about the seriousness of the seal, you should read the ingredients on the packaging or the package insert, or download a barcode scanner app such as codecheck and toxfox onto your smartphone free of charge.

Another way to improve the appearance of the skin is through cosmetic and plastic surgery. And of course, athletes have known it for a long time and swear by it: running, cycling, swimming and whatever else keeps the muscles toned and healthy. Who wants to visit a fitness studio or goes to the dance, also this is a variation of the sport.ы

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