The kindergarten st. Anna and his little “carusos”

The kindergarten st. Anna and his little 'carusos

The german choir association awarded the kindergarten st. Anna for his musical work again the qualitatsmarke “die carusos! To each child its own voice. At a ceremonial awarding event, st. Anna get this certification.

The children had prepared themselves for the occasion with a few songs. Finally, lisa stenglein, the representative of the german choir association, was to hear once again what the children can do.

"Great! You sang so well! And i am happy that you are in such a great kindergarten. Your teachers not only have a good musical education, but also regularly attend further training courses in this area, so that they can convey the joy of singing in a way that is appropriate for children. Singing should be an integral part of every child’s everyday life, and it’s already that in st. Anna is exactly as it should be. I congratulate your team very much for this new award!", said lisa stenglein.

Kindergarten director karin vonbrunn was thrilled that st. Anna was re-certified: "practicing early musical education at a consistently high level has always been the claim in our house. It is especially nice when you are officially tested and found to be in good standing. Music is the best way to make the soul smile.".

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