“Always laughing” – japan’s questionable new start to olympics

Foreign fans locked out, the athletes in the olympic village as if locked up, and a population that has no desire at all for sundries expensive games in corona times – japan’s lofty dream of the olympics as a national new beginning threatens to become a nightmare.

Actually, japan wanted to present itself as a country that has overcome the decades-long economic consequences of social obsolescence and has made it back to the top of the world.

Resting forest causes a stir

Resting forest causes a stir

The planned forest cemetery raised a lot of dust at the castle meeting in the fire department hall, where supporters and opponents of the project engaged in a battle of words. The citizens’ petition received by the municipality, signed by about one-third of fuchsstadter, provided both camps with arguments that heated up the meeting.
Mayor peter hart first provided the facts. According to this, the two-hectare resting forest was to be created south of the kohlenberg chapel, not in the immediate vicinity of the chapel. The signatures are available for review by the administration. The town council decides on 27. Marz, whether the citizens’ petition is legally correct, so that a referendum can possibly be initiated. Hart also opposed the opinion that the paths to the forest cemetery and the parking area should be asphalted. They should only receive a gravel top layer.
Daniela stoth, one of the initiators of the citizens’ petition, opposed the site, pointing out that the kohlenberg is a popular recreational area, which the mayor also acknowledged. But there are still other attractive walking paths in fuchsstadt. "If it was a question of disturbing the peace of the dead, no one and no car could pass by the cemetery in fuchsstadt and no event could take place in the gaden", he countered a corresponding question. The mayor was unable to answer the question posed by romana heinemann-kufer, a co-initiator, as to how many binding requests from fuchsstadt citizens had been received.
Hunting and hunting ground leaseholder alois bayer considered the "quiet forest" a "burden on our descendants. This flat is never usable again", he is convinced. And the estimated costs would not be enough, because the road there would not be passable in winter without asphalting. He concluded: "the municipality should invest the money better in the youth". Alfred jeurink believes that the citizens’ petition is based on false premises. "Hardly anything is changing at the kohlenberg and urns are disappearing", he welcomed.
Heinemann-kufer made it clear that the citizens’ petition was not against a forest cemetery as such, but against its location. When asked, hart said that the enclosure of the graveyard could also be a grass belt. Roland kippes gives free rein to his opinion. Accordingly, the municipalities had too much money. "Abundance must not lead to things that are dispensable. I do not believe that the municipal council was given the task of promoting burials in fuchsstadt. How would it be simple with a burger survey?", he advised. The topic, which is expected to attract a large audience at the upcoming meeting, will remain on the agenda until the 27th. Marz exciting.
But the "bone of contention" forest cemetery fuchsstadt plans to complete the multipurpose hall and the multigenerational meeting place this year. Both projects are expected to be completed by october. At the same time, the annex to the village museum is getting a new roof. All in all, the municipality is calculating an investment volume of around 2.7 million euros this year. Pledges in the amount of 1.2 million have been received.
Hart calls fuchsstadt a "rich community" in terms of citizens’ willingness to contribute to the common good and hoped "that this wealth would be preserved for us". In this context, he thanked all supporters and helpers, especially those who participated in the jubilee, which raised more than 20,000 euros.
In 2018, the focus is on the forest, which should receive sustainable, good care and forest management. Here are also the road construction and repair work on field and forest roads are considered. The average nitrate content of drinking water is 30 to 34 milligrams. A further supply of foreign drinking water for the lowering of the city does not consider the rathausobere for sensible. For a water withdrawal from the well II "am sand" investigations are currently underway. For the construction of the wind turbines, it is nice to know that this year we are going to build the access road and the pipelines for the power supply. The border walk is on the 9. June scheduled.

One dead and 49 injured after tank car explosion

One dead and 49 injured after tank car explosion

Two injured were in intensive care units in hospitals, but their condition was "stable". Six tank cars of a 13-car freight train were derailed early saturday morning for initially unknown reasons east of the town of gent in the village of wetteren. Three of them, which contained the highly toxic substance acrylonitrile, exploded. They then burned for 16 hours with heavy smoke until the fire, which could not be extinguished, finally stopped of its own accord.

Around 500 people had to leave their apartments and houses. Contrary to initial announcements, they were not allowed to return on monday night. 49 residents of houses in the immediate vicinity of the accident site were hospitalized – complaining of malaise and breathing difficulties.

Integration in european

Integration in european

The blue memo board at the front of the classroom is covered with a jumble of pink, green and two shades of yellow notes. "These are our thematic areas sorted by country", explains the project leader jochen hummrich-welt from ernestinum high school. 50 students from poland, the czech republic, hungary and coburg have been thinking about the topics to be covered in the next two years by the four partner schools in krakow, prague, siofok and coburg. "We are now looking at what remains and what falls out."
More than 27 member states of the european union are participating in the comenius project, an educational cooperation from 1995. It serves the purpose of european integration and understanding between the peoples of the individual countries.
Teachers and students took an entire week to organize the kick-off event for the latest project, in which young people are to deal intensively with the recent past of their countries and the fall of the iron curtain. Topics such as the secret police, relations between the countries after 1989, communism and the prague spring fall into the category of politics and history. But the young europeans also want to focus on the arts, culture and music. "At the end of the two-year project, a brochure in four languages is to be published", jirko heinz, a teacher at a grammar school in prague, describes the goal.
One topic, for example, is "tuzex". Karolina bukovska (18) from the czech republic explains what is meant by this: "there was a shortage of clothes and jeans in our school. Tuzex is a business where payment was made with vouchers. There was a line of people."
all students and teachers speak german, there are no communication problems. "Almost every school at ernestinum has hosted a guest student", figures rieka rittsteiger and sophia ernst from coburg. "In this way the guests could get to know the german culture even better and had a family connection right away." a tight program kept the participants busy during the whole week: the visit of the city and the veste, vierzehnheiligen, banz monastery, bamberg, weimar as well as the concentration camp in buchenwald were on the program as well as a french evening in seblach, a visit of the landestheater and even a french mini language course. "The week was very strenuous", say the two schoolgirls, but they are just as enthusiastic about the project as the guests and teachers.
One hour later, the memo board looks completely different: it is clearly sorted, the young europeans have worked fast. In the following two years, the topics that remain are dealt with intensively. "Every country gets a turn as host", says jirko heinz. "But it will not always be the same students who are there." the next meeting will probably take place in prague next spring, followed in october by krakow, and in early 2014 the ernestines will be guests at the partner school in siofok, hungary.
"We teachers liked the 20. Include the twenty-first century", says anna maria kyziol, teacher of german and social sciences in cracow. If there was time, they would also be happy to go into more detail about the medieval history of their respective countries. "In krakow, many poles, hungarians and germans have lived together peacefully. This was, so to speak, the first european community."

The kindergarten st. Anna and his little “carusos”

The kindergarten st. Anna and his little 'carusos

The german choir association awarded the kindergarten st. Anna for his musical work again the qualitatsmarke “die carusos! To each child its own voice. At a ceremonial awarding event, st. Anna get this certification.

The children had prepared themselves for the occasion with a few songs. Finally, lisa stenglein, the representative of the german choir association, was to hear once again what the children can do.

Researcher rejects criticism of his glyphosate studies

researcher rejects criticism of his glyphosate studies

As a scientist, he has "always been independent" and has "worked in a scientifically clean manner without any directing influence from third parties," agricultural economist michael schmitz told the deutsche presse-agentur on friday.

In the studies from 2018 and 2019, the scientist presents the pesticide glyphosate in a positive light from an economic point of view – if it were banned, there would be billions in losses for europe's agriculture, he says. Now schmitz said: "yes, my results may please farmers and the economy, but they are scientifically proven."

“Unbelievable, unreliable and chaotic”

An officer of the criminal investigation department vehemently rejected the defendant's previous statement. The accused had stated at the start of the trial on wednesday that he had supplied the police with numerous criminals from the local scene as a kind of undercover investigator.
He could exclude with certainty that the defendant was used by the police as a kind of surveillance person, the commissioner said. Neither he, nor any colleague had put the accused on third persons. "Even if he had offered, then I had not done it", said the official. He stated that the defendant was "an old acquaintance" of the police and is therefore considered "unreliable, unbelievable and chaotic" apply. He also knew nothing about the fact that the accused had approached the police on his own initiative and "delivered other people to the knife" HAVE. Only in one case had the defendant given the police a tip in the direction of a drug dealer, which in retrospect proved to be correct.
This should have put an end to the previous statements according to which the 33-year-old croatian was an "undercover agent" had been on a secret drug mission for the police. On the first day of the trial, the defendant had already explained through his defense lawyer, johannes driendl from bayreuth, that it was only through his cooperation with the police that some of the rough players in the local drug scene could be arrested. On the second day of the trial, the man stuck to his version as well. He had given the police crucial tips, for example, on how to conduct house searches, he said, justifying his own drug dealings in the sense of an undercover investigator.
Of the 15 witnesses summoned for the second day of the trial, only half appeared: the summoned police officers and two otherwise convicted offenders, who were brought forward by police officers. All other witnesses were either untraceable, unable to travel or could not be served with the summons in the short time available. The two convicted manner were involved in crimes in which, according to the prosecution, the accused was also involved. He denies this, however, and has so far only admitted to burglaries in which his DNA traces were recovered. The man had denied all other points from the extensive accusations of the prosecution.
A 25-year-old electrician, convicted among other things of the two burglaries of lottery shops in nibelungenstrabe and friedrichstrabe, allegedly could not remember his accomplice. It was the defendant, of all people, who offered another witness several rolls of mint stamps worth around 1,500 euros. Exactly these postage stamps were stolen during the burglary of the lottery store with an attached post office in friedrichstrabe. The sale of the stamps, however, is said to have failed in the end. When the matter became too much for the witness, he destroyed the postage stamps in the toilet and claims to have thrown the corresponding stamp dispenser into the river main.
The laptop theft from a guesthouse on pottensteiner strabe also contributed to the complete confusion. While the witness stated that the defendant stole the laptop from the unlocked office of the guesthouse, the defendant claimed that the witness committed the theft. Whether the lapses in memory are due to the drug use of the parties involved, or whether one of them actually wants to blame the other for the deeds, will be revealed in the coming days of the trial. 

Puma gets Adriana Lima

Puma gets adriana lima

Sports company puma announced a long-term partnership with international supermodel adriana lima on monday. She will be an ambassador for women’s training and will represent the brand’s marketing campaigns around the world. According to a press release from the company’s headquarters in herzogenaurach, germany.

Adriana lima is "a fantastic mother, a role model for millions and a passionate sportswoman". Watching her train is something very special. How else did she stay in shape to shine on the runway? "It’s thanks to her relentless, tough training routine. From the runway to the gym, from haute couture to sports – she’s always "authentic", it said in the press release.

Conti suffers from weak tire market

Conti suffers from weak tire market

In addition, the stumbling overseas growth in asia and north america was also allowed to weaken in the third quarter, explained conti. Lower saxony sees black for the passenger car replacement tire business. They expect a much slower recovery than before. As a result, the group is now also more cautious with regard to its sales target. The news was not well received on the stock exchange: conti securities lost well over one percent at times.

Group sales in the first half of the year were virtually stagnant at 16.6 billion euros compared with the first half of the previous year (plus 0.4 percent). Earnings before interest and taxes (ebit) decreased slightly by 1.4 percent to 1.63 billion euros. At the end of the day, however, the group's profit rose sharply by 14 percent to 1.142 billion euros. This was mainly due to the significantly lower tax rate: 7 percent compared with 28 percent previously. In the second quarter alone, net income shot up to 701 million euros (520 million), while adjusted ebit rose slightly to 980.7 million euros.