More than 20 dead in two terrorist attacks in mogadishu

More than 20 dead in two terrorist attacks in mogadishu

At least 22 people were killed and around 20 others injured in a double suicide bombing by the islamist terrorist organization al-shabaab in somalia.

The assassins blew themselves up in their cars in the capital mogadishu near the presidential palace on saturday morning, police added. Among the victims were security forces and a british-somali journalist. The two successive explosions had been heard all over town.

In a radio message, the islamist terrorist organization al-shabaab claimed responsibility for the attacks. The bombs targeted security checkpoints near the presidential palace, it said. Meanwhile, a representative of the somali intelligence service nisa said the bombers had targeted the site of the new national theater building. Sunni fundamentalists continue to carry out serious attacks in mogadishu. They are fighting for dominance in the poor country on the horn of africa.

A roughly 20,000-strong international peacekeeping force and the somali fighting forces are making efforts to repel the combatants. In addition, the U.S. Military has already carried out dozens of airstrikes against al-shabaab this year, killing hundreds of fighters, according to its own figures.

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