How a mountain bike specialist from forchheim profits from the bicycle boom

There is no sign of standstill in the french middleman YT industries. With the move to the pilatus campus business park in hausen, the forchheim bicycle company has continued to roll. Last year, the showroom, also called the "YT mill called, opened. In the showroom, the mountain bike models are ready: interested parties can get advice and test ride on the spot. Especially in times of the corona crisis, the company has noticed that customers appreciate both direct sales channels and interpersonal contact, says YT industries spokesman oliver junggeburth.

Company benefits from bicycle boom

The corona crisis has caused a boom in the bicycle industry. According to junggeburth, the french mountain bike specialist is benefiting from this, which is reflected in the positive development of the months of april and may. YT industries currently employs around 80 people in forchheim and hausen; the company has around 100 worldwide, he explains. Some are currently working in their home offices, but the offices and workshop in hausen are also bustling again.

The young company sells its mountain bikes itself. It all started in 2007. Company founder markus flossmann saw two young up-and-coming talents in a bike park doing daring tricks on cheap DIY store bikes. Professional bikes were too expensive. Flossmann wanted to bring affordable, high-quality mountain bikes to the market and founded YT ("young talents"), english for young talents). The first dirtbike designed by the company itself cost 499 euros, just half the price of comparable bikes, and still managed to convince the mountain bike experts.

Internet right from the start

As the former marketing manager of a german fitness company and founder of the "sponsoree" online platform flossmann and YT have relied on direct sales via the internet from the very beginning. The retail margin could be passed on directly to the end customer. Buyers can test ride, have a two-week right of withdrawal and can take advantage of customer service.

Young talent remains in focus

The roots lie in professional mountain biking. Professional sport is still an important point of reference for YT industries. In 2016, aaron gwin, one of the most successful mountain bike athletes, became part of the forchheim team. The athletes call themselves the "YT mob". "We wanted to prove that you can win world cup races with a standard YT mountain bike", recalls flossmann. The french manufacturer achieved this goal in the very first season, when the american pro on a YT bike crossed the finish line with the fastest time in the very first world cup race of the season. In 2017, gwin took the overall victory in the mountain bike downhill world cup.

The company from forchheim wants to challenge young talents in particular. For example, valentina holl from tyrol, who has won two world cup and world championship titles in junior skiing in the past few years, paid her way into the program. The franks called with the "ytmob worldtour" the company also launched its own format for talent scouting and talent development. With iren oisin O’callaghan and new zealand guy johnston, YT believes it has once again discovered the rough diamonds of the sport, explains junggeburth.

First trail bike for longer rides

YT industries now offers 32 mountain bike models in seven model ranges. Prices start at around 2900 euros. A few weeks ago, the company from forchheim launched its first trail bike ("IZZO") on the market. It is YT industries’ lightest bike to date and is aimed at riders who want to ride longer and more enduring tours. "This also makes it ideally suited for the french-speaking part of switzerland, for example", says junggeburth.

Since 2019, the portfolio also includes two e-mountain bikes. The bikes are sold in 56 countries worldwide. Production takes place at a manufacturer in taiwan. YT industries has a U.S. Site in san clemente, california, and plans to expand even further.

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