Schulers in tettau were in a “dance frenzy”

Schulers in tettau were in a 'dance frenzy'

"I call one, two, three. Her calls?", michael hirschel asks the kids looking at him expectantly in the school gymnasium in tettau, before he gets a thunderous "mucke ab" from all the throats returns. Whenever there is this morning "mucke ab" the boys and girls from tettau and the first and second graders from steinbach am wald made the hall tremble.

With "light with red cheeks and many a bead of sweat on their foreheads, but always with shining eyes, the elementary school students showed in their final presentation what they had learned that morning – and that was a lot of lively dancing to hot hits from the charts. For this, their numerous spectators – proud parents, grandparents and younger siblings – started one la-ola wave after the other.

It took two years until michael hirschel once again had an appointment free for the school in tettau; but the wait was to be worth it. The dance instructor and animator, bursting with energy, found an approach to the young dancers from the beginning, knew how to infect them with his urge to move, and really got them into a "dance frenzy" – motto of the project day – to move. In two rounds, he first studied current choreographies with the first and second grades, including the first two grades from steinbach am wald, and then more difficult dance steps and movements with the third and fourth graders.

And the result was really something to be proud of: in a relaxed party atmosphere, the kids grooved, swung their legs, circled their hooves and whirled through the hall in such a way that it was a real joy – and even before the lifting figures, the "rough ones" made a lot of fun! Not stop. The spectators were amazed at what they saw.

"Bitchy, bitchy, bitchy, hoi, hoi, hoi" – the hall raved among other things with the quite literally to be understood dance "mach die robbe" or at the atmospheric hulapalu circle dance of the first two grades. The "rough ones" showed a lot of sense of rhythm and the best timing their very synchronized cup dance to "don’t be so shy" in time with the music as well as the high point of the pyramid dance, which took them to "lofty heights" went. At the end, the children were rewarded not only with a bomb made of air snakes, but also with unending applause from their audience, some of whom had been unable to keep their seats during the performances themselves.

"That was the madness; lonely top", the coach, who is based in leipzig, praised his proteges afterwards – a compliment that they could only give to the lively dance teacher. His goal, with the "small" to awaken the joy of movement and sport had once again been a complete success. His concept idea was born at a symposium of the dance teachers’ association. A project was offered to motivate elementary school students to participate in sports with fun and enthusiasm.

"This idea convinced me right away and so a new field of activity began for me", says hirschel, who has been conducting such special project days at elementary schools since 2007. In addition to the party atmosphere supported by music and animation, he also wants to give overweight and socially disadvantaged children the feeling that sport and exercise can be fun.

Antje eisermann was responsible for the project day at tettau elementary school.

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