Saale-musicum made a stop in burkardroth

Saale-musicum made a stop in Burkardroth

The saale-musicum extends over seven weeks. "A total of 2000 active participants – a remarkable achievement", said lapp. The basic idea of the concert series is to make the culture of the homeland visible once a year. And so the children’s singing circle under the direction of sandra metz performed on the market square, the burkardroth brass band was also on hand.

"We have many well-trained young musicians in the region. Music has been cultivated here for generations", the project coordinator. The youth care in the clubs is very good, the training is excellent.
Elisabeth kuhn described the saale-musicum station in burkardroth as a "pearl" in the series of events. We have many music bands and choirs in the market, which do excellent work. My heart swells when you see the musicians standing and playing here." of course there is a lot of work behind such an event, but it is always very well managed.

For the conductor of the burkardroth brass band, thomas reub, the saale-musicum is something special, too. "Since we have a lot of concerts every year, versatility is important for us", the conductor tells. The band takes part in festivities, plays at church events and holds concerts. "For us the performance at the saale-musicum is one of the high points of the year", reub is convinced.

At the music pavilion the association also took over the catering for the guests. Friends and acquaintances of the musicians also lent a hand. The young musicians also performed at the concert and showed their skills. The blaserkids acted as a pre-orchestra, which was followed by the performance of the blaservereinigung. With the song "jubelklange" ernst uebel put the audience in the right mood for the concert, which continued with the demanding and very entertaining "variazioni in blue" by jacob de haan. The "la mer by charles trenet, which followed, may have been familiar to many visitors, as it was used in crime series such as derrick, but also in mr. Bean. The "solo for two tenor horns" took a more traditional direction by franz watz a.

The polka "the devil’s tongue" was enthusiastically performed for trumpet. The piece was composed by hugo schmidt, arranged by the conductor of the brass band thomas reub. Laura breuter, who is also a youth conductor in the association, showed all her skills on the trumpet.

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