Beer culture festival enters second round

Beer culture festival enters second round

After the successful premiere last spring, the beer culture festival of the french tuscany experiences a second edition. In memmelsdorf, the focus is on barley juice for two days at once this year. On friday, 4. May, and saturday, 5. May, seven of the currently twelve active breweries from the french tuscany communities memmelsdorf, litzendorf and strullendorf want to present their beers.

The breweries drei kronen and hohn (both memmelsdorf), goller (drosendorf), wagner (merkendorf), knoblach (schammelsdorf), honig (tiefenellern) and sauer (robdorf am forst) are planning to serve a total of 26 different types of beer. The simultaneous tapping of seven kegs is to take place on friday evening at 5 p.M. – and not by local political celebrities, but by the brewmasters themselves. These will certainly select their favorite beers for tasting. To ensure that no one comes up short – or is immediately full – the stuff is offered for tasting not only in the classic seidla, but also in smaller tasting glasses.

Unexpected rush

in the run-up to the first beer culture festival, the brewers had specially founded the "association for the cultivation of beer culture in french tuscany" founded. Its chairman swen-christian hollmann (drei kronen, memmelsdorf) together with georg goller, georg hohn, peter honig, michael knoblach, christian sauer and gunter wagner now presented the collection of craft beers to be served at the second edition of the beer culture festival.

"We were more than overwhelmed by the response to our festival", hollmann explained the fact that the brewers immediately declared themselves ready for a continuation of the event. And he promised that this year there would also be "enough food" there should be. Bianca muller, tourism manager of french tuscany, also agreed with him. "We have been formally overrun", she summed up the unexpectedly rough visitor turnout in the previous year.

It's all about enjoyment

this also shows that it is not just about drinking beer. The organizers deliberately want to emphasize the enjoyment of beer. It's not for nothing that the 13-brewery route is proud to have made it into the "100 places of enjoyment in bavaria" – in the face of stiff competition to have been taken up, as memmelsdorfs burgermeister gerd schneider stressed. His colleague from litzendorf, wolfgang mohrlein, called the beer culture "the outstanding feature of the three tuscan communities". He sweetly let it be known that in the 13. Brewery, in melkendorf, is brewing its own beer again. And wolfgang desel, mayor of strullendorf, emphasized that it was "not just any festival, but the beer culture festival" be.

In addition to beer in all its variety and food with beer, from brewer's spit to beer jam, there should also be non-alcoholic food and non-alcoholic cocktails again. And in addition, there were all kinds of beer-related activities and attractions that muller announced: from beer quizzes – not just for beer experts, but "entertaining and fun" – until the mobile "gassenbrau from memmelsdorf, making the brewing process visible.

With a new beer queen?

In addition to the beer king or queen as the winner of the beer quiz, the official bavarian beer queen may also become the star guest in memmelsdorf with her first official act, muller revealed. In any case, jana neubert from nedensdorf (district of lichtenfels) had confirmed her visit. She is one of the seven finalists in the race for the title, which will be awarded on 3. May is awarded in munich. So nothing is official yet, but as a trained brewer, maltster and beer sommelier, neubert is a certain favorite and is currently in the lead in the online voting.

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