Our weekly review: language at the asparagus stand

our weekly review: language at the asparagus stand

May has unfortunately just left us – but we would like to celebrate it once again. Thank you, mai, was already with you! Just because of the many holidays. And because it gave us more summer days than for example the vacationers on mallorca. The one or other violent warm thunderstorm was however also there. Whereas we have learned that the expert here speaks of "donner summer".

The love of the club

Let’s not forget that may also brings asparagus – and that’s just the start of it. And so the many sales booths. At our favorite asparagus stall, there is a favorite asparagus stall saleswoman, who this year is hovering a meter above the ground in our favorite asparagus stall. Which is related to the fact that my favorite asparagus vendor is the biggest club fan in the county of kitzingen.

The young gemuse

That looked last year at this time still quite different. I would even like to say that in may 2017 you could even see it in the asparagus, which was somehow smaller and punier. In any case, no comparison to this year, as an asparagus spear can reach a length of almost one meter. Victory! Bundesliga again at last! Before that the strange world cup in russia, but then it already starts again.

When my favorite asparagus saleswoman and I are not talking about the ups and downs of the 1st half of the year, it’s time for a change. FC nurnberg talk shop, it’s all about young talent, of course. That’s why I know all 371 ways to prepare asparagus – even grilling is possible. Which is great, because grilled is known to make pronounced already.

Intimate asparagus secrets

I now know every asparagus secret, no matter how intimate. Which is why we can seamlessly move on to a little asparagus lore. Did you know, for example, that asparagus is fickle?? Hardly predictable. Does what he wants. That you can’t do anything right for him – for example, when it comes to the weather? Whereby my favorite asparagus-seller sums it up wonderfully like this: "the asparagus is just like a woman"!"

Naturally one does not dare to contradict there as a man. However, it must be said that the asparagus is not only like a woman – but also a little bit like the club.

The week takes a look back at what our authors noticed on saturdays.

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