Lessons from the spanish grand prix

But there are other insights from the rough price of spain.

HAMILTON RUNS AWAY FROM A SEVENTH TITLE: lately, there’s been some hope for an exciting world championship after all. After the races at silverstone, the. Mercedes and hamilton struggled with the tires. But once again, the 35-year-old six-time formula 1 world champion and his team proved that defeats only make them (even) stronger. Hamilton drove a lonely race in spain, controlling the action at all times. The tires held despite rough heat. Four wins in six races – hamilton relegates the rest of the field to extras on his historic road to success.

VERSTAPPEN, THE HIDDEN WINNER: HE DID WHAT WAS POSSIBLE. He got out what was in. Max verstappen confirmed his strong winning performance at silverstone, even though this time he had to admit defeat to hamilton. His teammate valtteri bottas in the equally superior second silver arrow was snatched up by the dutch red-bull star right at the start. The hope of making it into the history books this year as the youngest world champion, however, vanished. 37 points behind and the realization: securing second place behind hamilton is the world championship of the downtrodden.

Ferrari and the tactics: it was luck. Sebastian vettel himself also had to admit this. Except that here was a four-time world champion talking about the fact that he had saved a seventh place on the circuit de barcelona-catalunya. Once again: seventh place. The secured vettel’s entry as the second driver in formula 1 history behind hamilton with more than 3,000 points. Seventh place must not be the target for either vettel or ferrari.

After the race, the reflexes to incidents of the youngest common past were all over: the funkzoff was forgotten, everything was okay. You can’t see the big picture," said vettel, who went berserk in the race but remained remarkably loyal afterwards. That his team predicted rain from round 50 and was wrong – forgotten. The fact that he didn’t get a sensible answer to the question of how he was supposed to get through more than half the race on soft tires – forgotten. The fact that his team asked him again if he wanted to drive through with the tires – forgotten. "Ferrari can neither make weather forecasts nor communicate with its own drivers," complained ex-driver ralf schumacher as sky expert.

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