With a touch of the orient

The first event to celebrate its premiere was the seniors’ carnival in the new clubhouse of the hammelburg carnival society (hakage). It has long been a good practice to invite the elderly citizens of the city and the retirement homes to an entertaining, happy afternoon. For the domestic jesters it is also a first impression of their program.

The organizers packed nine dance performances alone into the run-off in front of an almost full hall. The start was given to the dancing couple, who unfortunately had to perform only one actrice, maren otter, because her partner, lucia pfulb, had to cancel due to illness. The young dance girl nevertheless completed her difficult solo part with bravura.

Moderated by session president sebastian krockel and musically intoned by barbara and paul oschmann, mayor armin warmuth did not miss the opportunity to give a whimsical greeting according to the motto "hello seniors, prick up your ears". His praise was for the organizers and the rich program, his hope for a good end. Because in the past session the meeting in the pfarrheim had to be stopped because of a house alarm.

With christel harmgarth, a veteran butt speaker, came back her youth. In his younger years, he was "as thin as a wedge" had handed her a tie for an evening dress. But with the years also came the pounds. Despite all the starvation courses, separation diets and medical advice – what was before will be no more. The emaciated husband she first had to get up again, what the husband thanked his boy on his knees.

Carolin hoffart does not yet know these worries. The teen was more interested in pocket money. Therefore, she countered wistfully "oh if only I was already old". If she had more money, she could buy everything that is important to a teenager – a new cell phone, clothes, smoothies and makeup.

In between, untererthal’s prinzengarde put on an energetic presentation that aroused curiosity about the company’s own sessions. The blue sparks, the hakage jungste garde, recommended themselves with a music potpourri. The night before, they danced in front of 600 spectators at the volleyball match, which the hammelburgers won outright.

Tarzan is back – with the guards from arnstein. The jungle hero can’t have gathered so many jane-madels around him, otherwise he would have flown through the treetops with one harem. The hammelburg castle guards took on the "curse of the caribbean a role model for a successful dance routine. She competed with the president’s guard and eight lively formation dancers.

Decades of professional experience in the butt grouted brigitte keidel, who advised "please don’t take a man". But? A loyal dog, a sporty horse, a cuddly tomcat or a camel that can go eight days without a drink! But in the end, the good woman came to her senses. For the entire zoo flutters no tender words into her ear. The blue sparks performed once again with their show dance as" super girls a great danced performance of the youngest. The guard from gauschach also performed a dashing, agile dance.

Hermann and mathilda" are perennial favorites in the butt in a wide circle alias birgit schreiber and klaus bollwein. On a cultural trip to hamburg, the lady bought nothing from the fashion shops, as her husband rubbed her nose in it. But he consoled himself by marveling at the world’s cultural heritage, the rude freedom, the herbertstrabe and the "safari club". "So many beautiful women with so little on", he swarmed. She countered: "such great guys with tight butts and sixpacks".

After a few shots, mathilda suggested that her husband flirt with her. Okay "you are the only missing piece in my puzzle", flot hermann. What to give her for her silver wedding anniversary? A trip to the caribbean, he said gonner-like. And what to give her for her golden wedding anniversary? "I’ll come back for you". "A new love is like a new life", the duo sang together. That was worth a medal.

An "arabian night" the audience experienced at the end. Frank otter – the charming jeannie – and his harem ladies showed an oriental marchen.

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