When dreams become reality

When dreams become reality

It was not so long ago that a friend told me that the witzmannsberger krawietz now sells wienerla at the basketball in the HUK-arena. It was probably not going to be a great career for tennis anymore. And a colleague from the sports department used to like to report on young kevin. For the top it is never enough for the lad anyway. The land of a day under a distant second. Now the former three-case high from the district of ahorn has made it after all!

He showed it to all his critics. And how! 2019, that was his year. The year of KK (not AKK) gave him the breakthrough: winner of the french-open, davis cup for germany, among the top ten doubles players in the world rankings. Bravo kevin!

Ten days ago he was playing against the best in the world in london, and at the end of last week a childhood dream came true at the davis cup in madrid. Two games – two victories for his home country. He was in the starting blocks against england with his partner andreas mies from koln, but two german singles defeats made "kramies" a line in the sand. Pity. But they remain undefeated. "I have watched davis cup from a very young age, becker, stich, kohlmann", krawietz remembers "and then kohlmann calls and nominates me. Madness!"

And yet the rapid development of the ball genius is not madness at all, nor does it have anything to do with luck or chance. And fame doesn’t come out of nowhere, as a major newspaper wrote this year. There is more behind the rise of KK. Much more: it was a hard, stony way. Even an expensive. Because the lows of professional tennis have their problems.

Many of his colleagues capitulated prematurely, gave up exasperated because they could not make ends meet financially. Nothing to earn at future tournaments in romania, kazakhstan or iran. High costs for flights, accommodation, rental of training grounds, transport service, catering or even the stringing of bearings. Every ambitious tennis player has to work hard to get to the top of these small tournaments. Then the challengers. Everyone wants to go from there to the attractive ATP tour. For krawietz, there were also situations in between where he thought, now it’s going to be tight, how is this going to work?? But the man from witzmannsberg had brose boss michael stoschek, who supported him early on. And he had even more: namely ambitious parents. Always there for help and advice. Commendable.

A parental home that challenges and demands children. With mab and purpose, but also with meticulousness and discipline. The krawietz family firmly believed in the big dream – now they are living and enjoying it. Respect. Worthy of emulation. The soccer fans teucherts from coburg and the wolfs from einberg have also made it: cedric and marius are professionals in the bundesliga. Both can make a good living.

Others send their son to a handball boarding school in berlin for several years so that their sproling later has the tools to become a pro. It worked for jakob knauer.

A good dozen up-and-coming players from the coburg national soccer center hope to make the big leap in the next few years. Bavaria, schalke, to the club or to dortmund. Everyone wants to play paid soccer. Parents cheer along, travel thousands of kilometers for their talented proteges. Your rough dream lives. That’s good. Who will be the next wolf? In other, not so lucrative sports, fathers and mothers have also shaped their children: whether it’s the bieberbachs from neustadt, where tobias and bastian are in the 1. Bundesliga, the breaststroke swimmer nils wich-glasen from coburg or the two "table-tennis-verruckten" families forkel from ebersdorf and fischer from weidhausen. They all live for their sport. Great!

For most of them it’s not enough to reach the top, for the rough fame – nevertheless: sport demand is always worthwhile. Thanks to a study by the world health organization, we’ve known since friday that children don’t get enough exercise.

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