“We have to set an example”

The auditorium of the vocational school center in kulmbach is home to an automatic machine. Schools used to tap free water in plastic cups here. With 2400 schoolchildren, there are mountains of plastic that have to be disposed of every day. Had to leave. But now it is over.

"We must set an example. We also want to be pioneers in the mull concept and must not look at the price", explained principal alexander battistella at the youngest meeting of the district council’s environment committee, which was held at the vocational school. Battistella promised that the cleaning companies would also be required to strictly separate gauze in the future.

The vocational school center in kulmbach recently started using reusable cups donated by the bavarian red cross during a blood donation campaign for its water dispenser. But that’s not all: for coffee, cocoa and other beverages, the school center has introduced a reusable cup that can be used again and again. "They are then spooled as a service. We want to move away from single-use completely", battistella explained.

Fair coffee

The newly created cafe in wilsdorf, which is run by schoolchildren, also serves fair trade coffee. "That was an important selection criterion," explained battistella, the principal emphasized to the environment committee.

The members of the committee were convinced by the quality of the products and were enthusiastic about them. "Fairtrade is the trend. You have done the right thing", emphasized district administrator klaus peter sollner. But the vocational school center is saving resources in other ways as well. A photovoltaic system is installed on the truck hall; a regenerative energy concept is planned for the new building.

"But it’s not just the vocational school center that is a fair-trade school, the whole district is involved", climate protection manager ingrid flieger was delighted.

Flieger presented some ideas for the future to the environment committee. Fair work clothing must also be a priority. A campaign for the bio-fair region is also planned, with the focus on regionally produced organic products.

At the meeting of the environmental committee, the members adopted a pact to support sustainable procurement in the nurnberg metropolitan region.

Abandonment of balloons

The youth climate workshop "fridays for future makes itself for an air balloon prohibition with gregori and other meetings strongly. The activists have carried out a clean-up campaign at the flood basin and have campaigned for flower strips and for the construction of insect hotels.

In addition, the glass bottle campaign "emil" is planned to be extended to older schoolchildren as well. And the district wants to participate in the "city cycling" campaign participate, informed flieger.

The kulmbach energy talks, which focused on the topic of photovoltaics, met with a huge response. A solar potential register should be created, flieger made clear.

Number of consultations increases

Jurgen ramming from the energy agency of northern bavaria went into detail about the consultations. In the past year, 249 people contacted the energy agency by telephone, and 83 citizens requested personal advice. This year, the upper franconia energy agency has already recorded 335 telephone inquiries and 147 on-site consultations.

Veit pohlmann (FDP) was critical of ground-mounted photovoltaic systems. But district administrator klaus peter sollner objected that one must always be guided by applicable law and sometimes make a positive decision, even if one does not like the system. However, the register refers exclusively to roofs, not to open spaces.

Karin meibner, responsible for landscape conservation and nature protection at the district office, presented areas for which compensation payments have been made for interventions in nature and the landscape: the oberkeil sand pit, the ordenbrunn near menchau, a dry biotope network at leuchau, areas at gorauer anger, a pond near fohlenhof, and the kodnitzer weinleite.

Grants preserved

All flats were worth preserving and protecting and were bought out of one use. In the medium term, attempts will be made to include these areas in a contractual nature conservation program.

The members of the environmental committee granted 1800 euro to the bavarian farmers’ association – especially for the work of the farmers’ wives, 1600 euro to the kulmbach machinery and farm help ring, 700 euro to the kulmbach agricultural education association and 700 euro to the association for the promotion of the stadtsteinach farmers’ market. This year, the beekeepers’ association did not make a request, which was positively received.

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