United in harmony

United in harmony

Traditionally, on the saturday before mother’s day, the concert of the musikverein wallenfels and the choral society cacilia wallenfels took place in the "kulti" instead of.

After the concert was solemnly opened by the music society with the song "chicago festival" had been opened, chairwoman janina eger buried the visitors. The musicians were particularly pleased about the support of three young female musicians, who performed the following two pieces "a song for you" and "a song for the world" and the march "holiday, made their debut. Nikita kossatz and katharina schauer on the clarinet and lena weib on the alto saxophone convinced the audience with their talent. "And what do you think? Is it enough for fronleichnam, or?", the visibly proud conductor andreas pratsch asked the audience, who acknowledged the question with appreciative applause.

Then the vocal society under the direction of julia bauer followed and captivated the audience. With "welcome and "spring in sorrento" they put the guests in the mood for the evening. Before the break, the music society rounded off the program. After "free and happy shouted the "comedian harmonists" to sing and clap along.

After the break, the singers from the choral society continued their performance and encouraged the audience to join in. We woke them up with the songs "play me an old tune" and "dreams from childhood still memories, no one could resist the charm of freddy quinn. The whole hall supported the singers in "so already was the time". A well-deserved round of schnapps was then served on the stage, after the vocal society had performed its very own interpretation of "raspberry ice cream for breakfast" gave to the best.

The music club, on the other hand, took the audience to italy and mahren. With the "florentine march and the "sakvicka polka" the musicians pulled the audience along once again before they said goodbye with a special piece for their mother: "ain’t no mountain high enough".

Second mayor erich mahringer praised the tradition of the concert and especially the two associations, which contribute to the common good as cultural sponsors of the city of wallenfels. He attested to the great cooperation of the associations and found it a pity that the number of guests had remained negligible despite the fine concert. However, this did not dampen the good mood, so that after a few encores the concert was ended with the appropriate march "in harmony united" end.

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