“Unbelievable, unreliable and chaotic”

An officer of the criminal investigation department vehemently rejected the defendant's previous statement. The accused had stated at the start of the trial on wednesday that he had supplied the police with numerous criminals from the local scene as a kind of undercover investigator.
He could exclude with certainty that the defendant was used by the police as a kind of surveillance person, the commissioner said. Neither he, nor any colleague had put the accused on third persons. "Even if he had offered, then I had not done it", said the official. He stated that the defendant was "an old acquaintance" of the police and is therefore considered "unreliable, unbelievable and chaotic" apply. He also knew nothing about the fact that the accused had approached the police on his own initiative and "delivered other people to the knife" HAVE. Only in one case had the defendant given the police a tip in the direction of a drug dealer, which in retrospect proved to be correct.
This should have put an end to the previous statements according to which the 33-year-old croatian was an "undercover agent" had been on a secret drug mission for the police. On the first day of the trial, the defendant had already explained through his defense lawyer, johannes driendl from bayreuth, that it was only through his cooperation with the police that some of the rough players in the local drug scene could be arrested. On the second day of the trial, the man stuck to his version as well. He had given the police crucial tips, for example, on how to conduct house searches, he said, justifying his own drug dealings in the sense of an undercover investigator.
Of the 15 witnesses summoned for the second day of the trial, only half appeared: the summoned police officers and two otherwise convicted offenders, who were brought forward by police officers. All other witnesses were either untraceable, unable to travel or could not be served with the summons in the short time available. The two convicted manner were involved in crimes in which, according to the prosecution, the accused was also involved. He denies this, however, and has so far only admitted to burglaries in which his DNA traces were recovered. The man had denied all other points from the extensive accusations of the prosecution.
A 25-year-old electrician, convicted among other things of the two burglaries of lottery shops in nibelungenstrabe and friedrichstrabe, allegedly could not remember his accomplice. It was the defendant, of all people, who offered another witness several rolls of mint stamps worth around 1,500 euros. Exactly these postage stamps were stolen during the burglary of the lottery store with an attached post office in friedrichstrabe. The sale of the stamps, however, is said to have failed in the end. When the matter became too much for the witness, he destroyed the postage stamps in the toilet and claims to have thrown the corresponding stamp dispenser into the river main.
The laptop theft from a guesthouse on pottensteiner strabe also contributed to the complete confusion. While the witness stated that the defendant stole the laptop from the unlocked office of the guesthouse, the defendant claimed that the witness committed the theft. Whether the lapses in memory are due to the drug use of the parties involved, or whether one of them actually wants to blame the other for the deeds, will be revealed in the coming days of the trial. 

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