These 9 are now certified home care workers

These 9 are now certified home care workers

"I'm looking forward to the new task and am excited about it.", anita schwappach says she has no regrets about going back to school once a week for almost nine months. While her two girls visited the kindergarten in marktleugast, the 33-year-old buffaloed topics such as law, hygiene, communication, employment, home economics, nutrition, the teaching of disease, treatment nursing and – most importantly – the teaching of medicines.

Two-hour closing ceremony

The two-hour exam a few days ago was, as she says, "very practical, just like the training itself". And it found that helpful. Answers according to the scheme of multiple choice? Misrepresentation!

Like seven other women and one male colleague, anita schwappach had decided to make more out of her profession. The new sensor, who until now has worked for the "daheimsein" nursing service in untersteinach, germany as a home care worker (including training as a care assistant and nursing assistant in treatment care), she will be able to take care of elderly people even more intensively and comprehensively in the future. And earn more money without having to say goodbye to the part-time model that is so important to them.

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