The pilot has left the ship: mourning for alexander karl

The historical personalities of the rakoczy festival are just like in real life. All people are the same, but some are more equal. Some of the figures that bad kissingen presents every year as witnesses to its world spa era stand out: the prince and the queen of the springs, sisi of course, and with fine nuances the wittelsbach family. Among the gentlemen in black tails, one stands in the foreground: prince bismarck.

For almost three decades, alexander karl gave character to the memory of the historical figure of the iron spa guest at the kissinger's rude homecoming celebration. Now, in the style of a famous bismarck cartoon, we have to say that the pilot has left the ship. Alexander karl died after a long and serious illness.

Details were important to him

In recent years, the illness of alexander karl has made it difficult at times to cope with the demands of the role. But he was so serious about the task of showing the gnarled reichsgrunder as authentically as possible to the people of kissing and their guests that he couldn't let up. Last year, with great ambition, he provided the dog friend bismarck with a suitable dog for his appearance at the festival. Even such details were important to the devoted, but therefore not uncritical, portrayer of the iron chancellor.

The fulfillment of a rough wish in relation to the rakoczy festival, however, fate has denied axel karl. 30 years in the role of bismarck he was happy to complete. The serious illness did not allow this any longer. Alexander karl died last friday at the age of 71.

Director of the media center

The people of the region knew karl not only as bismarck. Born in kissingen, he attended elementary school and high school in the spa town, then studied in wurzburg after graduating from high school and serving in the army. He became a teacher and practiced his profession in bad bocklet and munnerstadt until his retirement about ten years ago. One of his core pedagogical concerns, report companion, was to motivate and interest his students in such a way that they could develop their abilities through school and teaching within the framework of their possibilities.

The media center of the district was particularly close to his heart. The facility supplies schools in the district with educational media. Karl was first deputy director, he led it from 1992 until his death. In the free time he could be sociable. He loved to make music himself, sang for many years in the choral society and played several instruments. He also belonged to the rhon club for a long time.

Passion for the family

Besides the passion for bismarck at the rakoczy festival, alexander karl always had a passion for his family. He had been married to his wife, hiddy, since 1972, almost five decades. Daughter carolin was born in 1975. His special joy was his granddaughter lea, born in 2007.

The blessing ceremony will take place on friday, 24. May, at 13.30 o'clock in the park cemetery in bad kissingen instead of.

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