50.000 Fans celebrate an ice hockey festival

50.000 fans celebrate an ice hockey festival

Block 2, row 2. As a spectator, you can't get much closer to the playing surface at the ice hockey spectacle in nurnberg's frankenstadion. Uwe-heiko schuller is nevertheless not satisfied with his standing position directly behind the barrier fence: "I thought I could see better from here. At fubball the place is optimal, but today it is nothing." the ice tigers fan from roth is "only" standing 40 meters away from the ice, but the crowd blocks his view of the playing field.

He is nevertheless enthusiastic about the open-air premiere of the german ice hockey league (DEL) in the sold-out fubball temple in france. Just like timo eichardt. The young man from wolframs-eschenbach stands on the other side of the stadium. Another 50 meters further away from the ice than schuller, but about 40 meters higher: block 27, row 27: the last one under the roof. "It's better than being indoors. From up here, I can see everything, even the puck", says eichardt from his seat, which offers an almost bird's-eye view. He, too, is impressed by the spectacle: "A game like this could be played more often."

Assad remains intransigent – annan warns of religious war

Assad remains intransigent - annan warns of religious war

Accordingly, the syrian leadership wants to continue the "battle against terrorists," as the opposition movement calls it. Assad rejected any responsibility for the massacre of hula with more than 100 dead: "what happened in hula and other places in syria are brutal massacres, which even monsters are not capable of doing."

The head of state, who has fallen into international isolation, spoke out one day after the arab league intensified the pressure on his regime. League ministers called for a timetable to implement UN mediator kofi annan’s peace plan. They also decided in doha on saturday that syrian state television would no longer be broadcast on the nilesat and arabsat satellites.

Federal study: plasticizers can make you fat

At least this is the conclusion of an overview study commissioned by the environmental organization BUND, for which around 240 individual studies from recent years were summarized. "Exposure to chemicals such as bisphenol A in the womb has led to later weight gain and increased insulin resistance in experimental animals," said BUND chemicals expert sarah hauser in berlin on tuesday. Above all, sensitive groups such as pregnant women and children had to be better protected.

The role of endocrine disruptors such as bisphenol A or flame retardants, which are found in plastic toys, PVC flooring or food cans, has not yet been proven. The federal institute for risk assessment (bfr) knows the underlying studies. There is no concrete reason to increase the maximum values. "A crude u.S. Study found a correlation between bisphenol A and the occurrence of diabetes. But a causality has not yet been proven, as the authors of the study emphasize," said bfr spokeswoman suzan fiack. Nevertheless, in its evaluation of the 2008 study, the bfr also emphasized that there is a need for further research in this field.

Economic skies over china increasingly gloomy

Economic skies over china increasingly gloomy

The sentiment barometer calculated by the major bank HSBC and the market research institute markit fell from 49.3 points in the previous month to a revised 47.6 points. In the initial assessment, a value of 47.8 points was determined.

The data suggest that economic activity in the world’s second-largest economy continues to slow down. Meanwhile, the purchasing managers’ index remains below the 50-point mark that separates growth from contraction for the tenth month.

The trauma of flight processed in wood

The trauma of flight processed in wood

Elham rahmani remembers it well: exactly three years and three months ago, he came from afghanistan to germany. Behind him lay a dramatic escape from the taliban. It was an odyssey that took him across eastern europe and finally brought him to weismain, where he lives in a collective shelter. Since then, rahmani has been processing his traumatic experiences through creative design. Together with ernst muller, a woodworker from altenkunstadt, he has created a wooden sculpture with the title "escape" wear. Yesterday, the impressive linden wood object was presented in the foyer of the district administration office.

When rahmani arrived in weismain, he didn’t want to just sit there and do nothing, ernst muller told us. According to muller, 250 asylum seekers from 16 countries of different cultures and religions, individuals and families with children live there. Rahmani looked for a job, took on janitorial work and began to create something new out of all kinds of things: vinyl records became watches, he shaped old metal into jewelry, and he designed car tires into sculptures, thus making it into the daily newspaper. This, in turn, drew ernst muller’s attention to the young afghan.

Stolpersteine in Kronach: remembrance work against forgetting

Stolpersteine in kronach: remembrance work against forgetting

"Ludwig mosbacher jg lived here. Deported in 1874 murdered in 1942 krasnystaw" and "here lived luise mosbacher geb. Comb jg. Deported in 1876 murdered in 1942 in krasnystaw": while one car after the other rolls by in bahnhofstrabe 13, the eleventh graders alexandra and anna recite the life story of the couple murdered by the national socialists. Several times they had to interrupt, because their words were lost in the traffic. Unimpressed by all this, gunter demnig, kneeling on the ground, lays the two stumbling stones.

They were rooted here in their beloved homeland for centuries, until they became victims of expulsion and murder after the takeover: families of the jewish faith from kronach, for whom everything changed after 1933. More than 70 years after the end of the second world war and after the last jewish inhabitants of kronach were deported, the kronach synagogue action group wants to bring the fates of those jewish families to life for the population: by laying so-called stolpersteine (stumbling stones).

Drugs and doping substances seized

drugs and doping substances seized

On friday evening, a 29-year-old man from nurnberg was caught trying to smuggle in five grams of crystal from the czech republic by train. A court-ordered physical examination brought to light a surprise egg containing the dangerous drug.

The second corpse smuggling was foiled by the marktredwitz veil investigators on sunday evening. A doctor removed a packet containing around seven grams of crystal from the body of an 18-year-old woman from herzogenaurach.

Excavations need more money

Excavations need more money

Archaeology costs the city more money than expected. The main and finance committee, in its capacity as a vacation committee, approved an extension of the contract around the town hall and castle. And thus also an increase in funds.

Until now, it was expected that about 20 working days would be enough. 35640 euros were granted to the company of archaeologist marco goldhausen for this purpose. It was about the professional care of the search shurfs. This is what the council’s information on the proposed resolution says.

A daughter-in-law is needed

Rehearsals are in full swing and are coming to an end with the first performance of the play "junggesellenabschied" on 22. Marz on the stage in the old school in breitenbach. The actors of the breitenbach/mitgenfeld theater group had a total of 25 rehearsals between the end of last year and the performance of regina rosch's comedy. The dress rehearsal takes place on 21. March takes place. The spectators could be curious about the amusing play, in which the bachelor martin hauslein does not have it easy. For years, his mother paula has been nagging him day and night with her desire for a daughter-in-law from a good family. This should also be as well-to-do as possible. Father ferdinand and his friend alfons are also very interested in a wedding that is as quick as possible. They want to use the opportunity to organize a real party among men at the bachelor party again. And finally paula's birthday is approaching, which, as in previous years, seems to be under a bad star. Apart from a frying pan and a saucepan, ferdinand can't think of a suitable gift. And even paula's greatest wish will not come true: manfred has not yet found a girlfriend willing to marry him. But then something completely surprising happens …

The amateur actors are concentrated at work, they perform the play almost without the help of the prompter sigrid kleinhenz, because they are experienced and almost all of them have been with the group since its founding in 1995. Berthold heil says that people like to use pieces by regina rosch "because they are well received by the audience and exhilarate the senses. We already have enough dramas", so heil, there is cheerful in between absolutely announced. "Only at the village anniversaries in mitgenfeld and breitenbach did we play pieces by other authors", sums up berthold heil.

In the swiss test, cira has the lead

In the swiss test, cira has the lead

A quarter of a liter of red deer blood, distributed drop by drop on a wildly overgrown track one kilometer long: whoever can follow this track after a waiting time of 20 hours has a super nose. Just like cira vom lohmuhlweiher, the german longhair dog from willanzheim.

8110 traffic accidents involving game occurred in lower franconia in 2016, according to police statistics. Mostly on country roads, mostly in the dammerung or darkness. The bulk of it, two-thirds by name, with roe deer, red deer and fallow deer, nine percent with wild boar.