Huttenheim wants out of the shadows

Huttenheim wants out of the shadows

The village of huttenheim, with its 600 inhabitants, is quiet and tranquil in many respects. The wine village on the kitzingen county border that pays to willanzheim is not necessarily known for fubball. Last year, SV huttenheim missed out on a place in the A-class by just two points. At the end of this round, the club is expected to emerge from the shadows of the B-class into the light again. That would be a precision landing just in time for the club’s 50th anniversary in the summer.

"It was," says sporting director stephan stadtelmeyer. But just before the game at the so far unbeaten class leader TSV gobmannsdorf, the huttenheimers, who have nine points, but are also two games behind, have made a mistake. The opening match against the second team of FC eibelstadt in the district league was a 3-2 loss. Sporting director stadtelmeyer blames adverse conditions for his club in recent weeks. "That was our first game ever after the winter break. In the preparation we could not play at all, first because of the weather, then once the scheduled opponent canceled at short notice because of personnel problems."

Movie theater entrepreneur flebbe fears the death of cinemas

movie theater entrepreneur flebbe fears the death of cinemas

The new james bond film was supposed to attract millions of moviegoers to german theaters this week, but now the 4,000 or so screens remain dark.

According to hans-joachim flebbe, who runs ten premium cinemas in germany, smaller houses in particular will not survive the corona crisis. "There’s zero income for us," says the 68-year-old. Moreover, the shutdown is driving movie fans into the arms of streaming services like netflix – possibly forever, is flebbe’s fear.

“Never filmed in franken before”

Many people know thomas kugel from the kieler tatorten, where he is roland schladitz, the direct superior of commissioner klaus borowski (axel milberg). Now the native of burgebra, who was about to take up his first roles at the E.-T.-A.-hoffmann theater in bamberg learned the trade of retail salesman, returns to his french homeland.

He plays police chief richard bruchner in the franken crime scene "a day like any other. It's about a strange series of murders – the episode will be shown on sunday evening at 20:00.15 aired in the first.

United in harmony

United in harmony

Traditionally, on the saturday before mother’s day, the concert of the musikverein wallenfels and the choral society cacilia wallenfels took place in the "kulti" instead of.

After the concert was solemnly opened by the music society with the song "chicago festival" had been opened, chairwoman janina eger buried the visitors. The musicians were particularly pleased about the support of three young female musicians, who performed the following two pieces "a song for you" and "a song for the world" and the march "holiday, made their debut. Nikita kossatz and katharina schauer on the clarinet and lena weib on the alto saxophone convinced the audience with their talent. "And what do you think? Is it enough for fronleichnam, or?", the visibly proud conductor andreas pratsch asked the audience, who acknowledged the question with appreciative applause.