“Our steigerwald”: no national park plan

After the clear statement of the state government that in the steigerwald the status nature park "not without consent of the population" is the association emphasizes that some peace has returned to the region. Now the criticism of the national park opponents of "our steigerwald" is making itself felt firmly committed to the "new idea of bamberg district administrator gunther denzler (CSU): the steigerwald should become a world natural heritage site. This goes, as the association denzler quoted, quite simply. You only have to designate a nature reserve in the upper franconian area of the steigerwald, and you can submit the application. Denzler reckons that the steigerwald has a chance of being declared a world natural heritage site by unesco. A national park is not needed for this.

Coarse protected area is but necessary

The BN chairman hubert weiger, however, had made it clear that a world natural heritage site needs a coarse protection area, preferably a national park. However, mutmabt "our steigerwald", they could change the order – first world natural heritage, then national park.

In addition, as the association recalls, the opinion of the mayor of ebrah, max-dieter schneider (SPD), was that the people of upper franconia were in favor of a national park in the steigerwald. In ebrach, according to schneider, there is "broad support for a national park in the steigerwald".

"Our steigerwald" sees things differently, as the deputy chairman, rauhenebrach mayor oskar ebert (), points out: "the bamberger district administrator and ebrach's mayor obviously don't know the voices of the people in the steigerwald, or they don't care what the people really want."

The association has more than 3,600 members. 1077 members, according to ebert, came from upper franconia, especially from ebrach, burgwindheim, burgebrach and from schonbrunn.

"Politicians should know the opinion of the citizens"

"As a politician, especially as a district administrator or as a mayor, one should actually know the opinion of one's citizens better and, if possible, heed it", says oskar ebert. Denzler and schneider pursued the same goal, but wanted to achieve it via the detour "world natural heritage" reach. The discussion in the ebrach area gives the BN a boost. Weiger has announced that the BN will intensify its commitment to a national park through excursions, lectures and forest tours.

Obviously, according to ebert, the people in the steigerwald did not know what was best for them. They needed help.
For ebert, the fronts are clear: "the BN wants to push through a national park against the clear will of the people in the steigerwald." the people of steigerwald are proud of their forest, according to ebert. They wanted to protect it, but also to use it carefully and sustainably.

The "our steigerwald" association announces resistance to bamberger district council's plans. Oskar ebert insists on the commitment of minister-president horst seehofer, who had given a clear refusal to the national park plans in the steigerwald region. Ebert regretted the BN's refusal to participate in the substantive discussion about the center for sustainable forestry. It is "thirsty and very transparent when an environmental association only criticizes but does not participate in constructive cooperation".

Not without the burgers

The chairman of "our steigerwald" association, gerhard eck (CSU), member of the state parliament, is sticking to the state government's promise that there will be no change of status in the direction of the steigerwald national park without the involvement of the burghers. With the planned center for sustainable forestry in handthal, the state government has given the region great support. With the "steigerwald 23" network demand for funds was invested in the expansion of infrastructure. It is important that the region is united. "Our steigerwald" wants to hold information meetings again.

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