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From the President

Wes Parker, 2018|2019 APICS Milwaukee Chapter President

As another year is about to close and I reflect back on 2018, I continue to be proud to be a part of an association focused on making a difference for our members and in the community. 

I'd like to thank our volunteer Board of Directors who worked very hard in 2018 to improve the ongoing value we provide the Milwaukee supply chain community. Below highlights some of their great work from this past year: 

  • Provided educational programs taught by local experts including certification classes as well as supply chain workshops sharing best practices
  • Conducted a membership satisfaction survey which provided insight as to how we can best serve our members with events and communications
  • Increased our presence on social media with a goal to share relevant information on a weekly basis
  • Refreshed our website to make it easier for our members and those looking to join to find the information needed
  • Reached out to the business community to partner and help support future developments such as FoxConn


I'm also proud of our student chapters and would like to congratulate again UW-Whitewater chapter for winning the APICS Silver Award. Student chapter management requires attention to five categories: administration, education, programs, membership, and public relations. Activities within each category provide educational opportunities and enhance a chapter's capabilities. The recognition program requires evidence of performance of measurable tasks in the five chapter management categories. The evaluation conducted by the Professional (parent) chapter enhances its relationship with the student chapter while the resulting documentation creates a roadmap for faculty advisors and future student chapter leaders.

Finally, as we look forward to 2019, I'm excited to announce we will be offering the new CERTIFIED IN LOGISTICS, TRANSPORTATION & DISTRIBUTION (CLTD) Certification training classes starting in March. The CLTD focuses on learning the essentials skills necessary to succeed in global logistics management. We will be sharing more about these new classes in the weeks ahead, so watch your email for additional details. 

Also, please join us this Friday, 12/14 from Noon - 1:00 pm for a FREE INFORMATIONAL WEBINAR to learn more about all that we offer our members at APICS Milwaukee, as well as to determine which certification might be right for you. I will be presenting, as well as our local APICS instructors. 

Lastly, I'd like to invite you kick off 2019 strong by joining us on January 16th for dinner and drinks while we hear from Teri Giannetti, Sr. Consultant and Founder of It’s All About the How Consulting, LLC. Teri serves on our BOD as Director of Marketing and will be sharing practical approaches to ensuring employees are engaged in 2019.

Thanks for being a part of APICS Milwaukee Chapter. Wishing you and your family Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Best Regards,

Wes Parker

President – APICS Milwaukee Chapter

[email protected]

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Next PDM Event


January 16, 2019
5:30 PM - 8:30 PM

APICS Milwaukee Chapter Office
11801 W. Silver Spring Drive, Suite 200
Milwaukee, WI 53225

January is half over and most companies have completed their annual strategic planning efforts. Great! Now what?

A brilliant strategy is only useful if it's deployed well. In my new book, It's All About the How, I outline a step by step approach to assist in the successful execution of strategies. As a consultant, I love to help turn plans into actions.

A key component to delivering your plans this year is to ensure they are adopted by your employees. Assuming your employees are aware of your plans, consider if there have been any complaints regarding a new initiative or process. This would certainly be one indicator of many that they have not adopted it yet and strategies without employee support are doomed to fail.

So how do you get them to support your plan? The good news is there are many ways to gain employee adoption. Come join us to learn three simple approaches you can begin implementing right away.

5:30pm  Registration

5:30 - 6:30pm  Food/Drink/Networking

6:30 - 7:30 Presentation

7:30 - 8:30 Food/Drink/Networking

Teri Giannetti, MBA

Sr. Consultant and Founder of It’s All About the How Consulting, LLC

Highly skilled management consultant with over 20 years of expertise across industries. As a business executive in financial services, Teri led national teams and successful initiatives that improved processes and delivered results.

With a Six Sigma black belt, Teri applies a proven approach for identifying opportunities for growth, developing strategic plans and delivering results through effective execution.

She has developed and executed plans achieving various business goals such as revenue growth, improved employee productivity, reducing costs and increased customer satisfaction.

As a consultant, she now helps business managers and leaders achieve their goals with better implementation tactics as outlined in her recent book, It’s All About the How, A Practical Guide for Executing Business Strategies. 

“In It’s All About the How, Teri Giannetti provides a thorough, structured approach to help leaders move from initial ideas to successfully delivering their products to their customers.” Dr. White, Co-author, The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace and Author, The Vibrant Workplace


$25.00 APICS-Milwaukee Members

$35.00 Non-Member Guests

$0.00 APICS-Milwaukee Student Members

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Breakfast Roundtable


January 09, 2019
7:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Industries for the Blind - Menomonee Falls
W1419400 Fountain Blvd
Menomonee Falls, WI 53051

Create. Design. Build.

Our corporate mission is to:

  1. Provide and grow employment opportunities for people who are blind in both the manufacturing of products and fulfillment of services that meet customer needs.
  2. Maintain an effective management team that can balance job creation, capital investments, and profitability while adhering to statutory and regulatory requirements supported by an ISO 9001 Standard and Quality Policy.
  3. Create and sustain an open and collaborative environment that fosters innovative business ideas, enhanced employee engagement, and a true sense of belonging.

Along with providing the best office and industrial supplies with friendly customer service, we want to be the leading voice that educates businesses, locally and nationally on how to create, design and build accessible workplaces for the disabled and visually impaired through the use of innovative technologies. We strive to provide our customers with the most innovative, cost-effective products and solutions to keep their organization running smoothly and efficiently.

Enjoy stress-free casual conversation about today’s hottest topics and earn points.


January 16, 2019
7:15 AM - 9:00 AM


Sheraton Milwaukee Brookfield Hotel
375 S Moorland Rd
Brookfield, WI 53005


Enjoy stress-free casual conversation about today’s hottest topics and earn points

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Welcome Our New Members

Welcome to our New Members

Nick Cisler - CHR Hansen, Inc.

James Fallon

Jennifer Lisser - Perlick Corporation

Mitchell Minges

Chuck Prock

Abbey Schneider

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Education: APICS Certifications

Which APICS Offering is Right for Me?

 Find more information at

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Certification Class Schedule

January 09, 2019
5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

APICS Milwaukee Chapter Office
11801 W. Silver Spring Drive, Suite 200
Milwaukee, WI 53225

This is the perfect introductory course for production and inventory management personnel and CPIM candidates. This is the recommended first course in the APICS CPIM program. It will cover four areas:

  • Business-Wide Concepts – will cover Supply Chain Fundamentals, Operating Environments, and Financial Fundamentals
  • Demand Management – will cover Market Driven, Voice of the Customer, and Demand Management
  • Transformation of Demand into Supply – will cover Product and Process Design, Capacity Management, and Planning
  • Supply – will cover Inventory, Purchasing Cycle, and Distribution


Courses offered on Monday's and Wednesday evenings from 5pm-9pm

  • January 9, 2019
  • January 14, 2019
  • January 16, 2019
  • January 21, 2019
  • January 23, 2019
  • January 28, 2019
  • January 30, 2019



$1,195.00 Guest Ticket

$1,075.00 Member Ticket

March 06, 2019
5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

APICS Milwaukee Chapter Office
11801 W. Silver Spring Drive, Suite 200
Milwaukee, WI 53225

The CSCP designation is the most sought-after certification by supply chain professionals around the globe seeking to achieve mastery and recognition in their field. Professionals who have earned this designation are highly pursued by employers and recruiters. Lead by APICS-certified instructors, our CSCP exam preparation program offers you the opportunity to interact with peers while learning from highly knowledgeable instructors. This designation is ideal for professionals who are interested in increasing their knowledge and expertise in the field of global supply chain management, and who are interested in consulting or facilitating supply chain functions or working with enterprise resources planning (ERP) systems.

Employees who earn the APICS CSCP designation can:

  • Strategically streamline operations by developing organizational expertise.
  • Effectively manage global supply chain operations by the knowledge gained in the program.
  • Increase workplace efficiency.
  • Create consistency and foster collaboration by best practices, common terminology, and corporate-wide communication.


Class Schedule (Wednesday 5:00pm - 9:00pm):

  • March 6, 2019
  • March 13, 2019
  • March 20, 2019
  • March 27, 2019
  • April 3, 2019
  • April 10, 2019
  • April 17, 2019
  • April 24, 2019
  • May 1, 2019
  • May 8, 2019


$1,750.00 Member Ticket

$1,995.00 Guest Ticket


March 04, 2019
5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

APICS Milwaukee Chapter Office
11801 W. Silver Spring Drive, Suite 200
Milwaukee, WI 53225

This is the second part of the new streamlined CPIM certification workshop. This workshop is designed for comprehensive professional development and exam preparation for CPIM certification. It will cover four areas:

  • Master Planning of Resources – will cover Demand Management, Sales and Operation Planning (S&OP), and Master Scheduling
  • Detailed Scheduling and Planning – will cover Inventory Management, Planning Material Requirements to Support the Master Schedule, and Planning Operations to Support the Priority Plan
  • Execution and Control of Operations –will cover Execution of Operations, Control of Operations, Quality, Communication, and Continuous Improvement
  • Strategic Management of Resources – will cover the Business Environment and Developing Corporate Strategy, Developing the Operations Strategy, and Implementing the Operations Strategy


Courses held Monday and Wednesday evenings from 5pm-9pm

  • March 4, 2019
  • March 6, 2019
  • March 11, 2019
  • March 13, 2019
  • March 18, 2019
  • March 20, 2019
  • March 25, 2019
  • March 27, 2019
  • April 1, 2019
  • April 3, 2019



$1,475.00 Member Ticket

$1,595.00 Guest Ticket

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APICS National

Trade Progress Could Reduce Tariffs, Increase Jobs


After months of trade challenges, world leaders recently made progress in complex negotiations. Last week, at the G-20 summit in Buenos Aires, U.S. President Donald Trump, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto signed a new trade deal after two years of difficult negotiations, The New York Times reports. The trio claims that the revised agreement — which is being called the new North American Free Trade Agreement or the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement — will benefit workers, businesses and the environment.

One of the goals of the new deal is to have more automotive parts made in America, potentially increasing jobs and boosting wages in the auto industry. Starting in 2020, cars will have to have 75 percent of their components made in North America in order to be exempt from tariffs. In addition, at least 30 percent of the work to make the car must be done by workers earning at least $16 an hour — or three times what the average Mexican automaker earns. This requirement will be raised to 40 percent by 2023. Economists warn that this could increase car prices and push some small-car manufacturing out of North America, The Washington Post reports.

Some American industries will have greater access to neighboring markets under the terms of the new deal. The Canadian government historically has restricted how much dairy can be produced domestically and how much foreign dairy can enter the country in order to keep milk prices high. This complex system still is in place, but Canada will eliminate its pricing scheme for Class 7 dairy products, which will enable U.S. dairy farmers to export more milk protein concentrate, skim milk powder and infant formula. In addition, U.S. pharmaceutical companies will be able to sell drugs in Canada for 10 years before facing generic competition. Currently, the pharmaceutical companies only receive eight years of market protection.

The deal also includes provisions for agriculture, the digital economy and labor unions, and maintains the special dispute process negotiated in the original North American Free Trade Agreement. The U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs remain unresolved.

Some pro-trade lawmakers have criticized that the new agreement places too many limits on the free flow of goods and services across borders. On the other hand, trade skeptics are concerned that the deal does not do enough to protect domestic jobs, support higher wages or conserve the environment.

The new trade deal is not official just yet. The U.S. Congress still has to approve it before it can take effect. This task will be even more daunting in 2019 when Democrats take control of the U.S. House of Representatives, potentially posing stronger opposition to Trump’s Republican administration.

In the near term, Trump hoped his agreement to the new deal would pressure Chinese President Xi Jinping to resolve the escalating tariff war with the United States, The New York Times reports. Indeed, the effort might have helped. The day after Trump signed the new agreement with Mexico and Canada, he and Xi agreed to a ceasefire in their tariff war. Leaders of both countries are hoping to reduce tariffs and reach a mutually beneficial deal that will revive the economic relationship between the two countries.

New trade knowledge

When these new agreements officially take effect, they should relax trade tensions and make global supply chain managers’ jobs a bit easier. Tariffs and trade disputes complicate global trade management, which the APICS Dictionary defines as, “The management and optimization of shipments across international borders to improve operating efficiencies and cash flows; includes ensuring compliance with all international regulations and documentation and streamlining and accelerating the movement of goods.”

APICS offers resources to help supply chain managers navigate the complex world of global trade. For example the APICS Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution (CLTD) program can help candidates understand customs clearing and documentation requirements, how free and foreign trade zones influence duties paid and total landed costs, and more. As trade deals develop, supply chain managers will need to be equipped with this type of knowledge in order to help their companies maximize their returns. To learn more about the APICS CLTD program, visit

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Make the Most of your Membership

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APICS Membership Categories

APICS offers two membership options for supply chain, logistics and operations management professionals based on your individual goals: CORE and PLUS. 

We recommend the APICS PLUS membership if you plan to pursue an APICS certification or are working to maintain your certification. 

APICS CORE membership

With an APICS CORE membership, you’ll gain access to industry tools and resources necessary to expand your supply chain knowledge and grow your professional network. 

  • Education and events -  Enjoy discounts on local events and seminars. Members also receive discounted registration for the APICS annual conference focusing on end-to-end supply chain solutions.
  • Global connections - Attend events at a local chapter or take advantage of online networking opportunities to connect with a global network of supply chain professionals. 
  • APICS magazine - Keep up on the latest news and trends with our essential publication. Members receive a free subscription this industry-leading supply chain publication.
  • APICS Dictionary - Expand your industry vocabulary with 4,800 supply chain, logistics, and operations management terms and definitions. 
  • Career resources - Advance your career with access to our members-only job board, mentor center, webinars, career planning resources and more! 
  • Research reports  - Stay on the cutting-edge with research reports that include analyses and best practices. 


APICS PLUS membership 

APICS PLUS members receive all the CORE benefits, PLUS:

Certification savings - Whether you're just beginning your journey toward CPIM, CSCP or CLTD certification or need to maintain and retain knowledge, save money on study- tools and exams for your hard earned credential.

Once you've decided what Membership Category is right for you, become part of the world's most vibrant and engaged community of supply chain professionals!

CLICK HERE to learn about the different APICS membership categories.


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Networking & Job Opportunities

Click here to check out current job opportunities.

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