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From the President


Shawn Rothe, 2017-2018 APICS Milwaukee Chapter President

Welcome to the Milwaukee Chapter of APICS 2017 – 2018 program year!  Our continuous goal as a Chapter is to help Milwaukee Chapter members achieve their Professional Development and Educational Certification Goals.

Another year is upon us, as you are planning your goals for the new year, or you are interested in furthering your career with a certification, we offer different certifications to help further your career. We still have a lot to offer, you could volunteer with the Board of Directors and shape the direction the Chapter will take in the future.

We had a great January PDM, I would like to thank everyone for coming to the “Millennials” meeting.  I would also like to thank Liz Corbett of the Madison chapter for coming down to speak to our chapter.  We had the opportunity to learning about working with the Millennial generation.

Our February PDM will be on February 21st.  We will be touring the Palermo Pizza facility in the Menomonee Valley.  Come learn about the history of Palermo, their research and techniques and a view of the production lines.  We will also get to enjoy some great pizza afterwards.

As we finalize the rest of the PDM program year continue to check the website for more details.

If you are unable to attend one of the evening PDM’s maybe the Breakfast Roundtable Meeting would work. They are held at the Menomonee Falls and Brookfield locations. These are lively discussions of relevant operational topics chosen by the Roundtable participants. Come to hear the challenges and success stories shared by your fellow APICS members. Please visit: HTTP://APICSMILW.ORG/BREAKFAST_ROUNDTABLES for scheduled dates & topics on future Roundtables. 

We continue to offer certification classes and will be looking to add the new Certification in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution (CLTD).  We would be interested to know if you are interested in this new certification, if you are, we would like to hear from you. 

Please visit: HTTP://APICSMILW.ORG/EDUCATION for scheduled dates and times of all our classes. 

Our continuous goal as a Chapter is to help Milwaukee Chapter members achieve their Professional Development and Educational Certification Goals. 

We look forward to meeting you or to re-connect with you at an APICS event this fall.


Shawn Rothe, CPIM

President – APICS Milwaukee Chapter


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Next PDM Event

Palermo’s is one of the largest frozen pizza manufacturers in the US. Millions of pounds of ingredients come in every single month so Palermo’s can work around the clock making pizzas to supply grocery stores all across the US, Canada, and Mexico with their branded and private labeled pizzas. We have arranged to have a special guest speaker from the Supply Chain team to provide additional information about how they organize ingredients coming in to pizza going from the production lines to a grocery store near you.

Come join us as we learn about the history of Palermo’s, their research and development techniques, marketing strategies, viewing of the production lines, and most importantly, eat pizza!

Includes: tour, small souvenir, slice of pan pizza, Screamin’ Stromboli, beer/soda/juice

Wednesday, February 21st, 2018
2:00pm - 5:00pm
Palermo's Pizza
3301 W. Canal Street
Milwaukee, WI 53208

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PDM Review



Elizabeth Corbett, CPIM is a Supply Chain Manager for Hellenbrand, Inc. She currently serves on the Madison APICS Board of Directors, and is active on the Great Lakes District Volunteer Staff. She is also a CPIM instructor for the Madison Chapter. Outside of APICS, she serves as a fundraising advisor for the Junior League of Madison. 

This presentation was prepared by APICS.  In a survey of 600 millennials in supply chain, 84% expect to still be working in supply chain in another 5 years. 75% of survey respondents began their careers in supply chain.

Millenials are looking for employers who are willing to invest in their employees, in terms of educational and professional growth opportunities but also in technology.  APICS certifications will be important to Millenials; and stats show 17% increase in salary after CPIM certification.

APICS will want to educate HR Professionals about the value of APICS certifications and education.

Millenials want challenging work with advancement opportunities. Want opportunity to be promoted and empowered.  Will not stay with an employer without a career path, will move on to another opportunity.  


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Breakfast Roundtable


February 14th, 2018
7:15 AM - 9:00 AM

Sheraton Milwaukee Brookfield Hotel
375 S Moorland Rd
Brookfield, WI 53005

Join us on February 14th to discuss: "Motivation - Why Am I HERE"  We are taking a look at what motivates employees to stay with a job.

Enjoy stress-free casual conversation about today’s hottest topics and earn CE points.

CLICK HERE  to register for the February 14th Breakfast Roundtable.

March 7, 2018
7:30 AM - 9:00 AM

Radisson Hotel Menomonee Falls
N88 W14750 Main St.
Menomonee Falls, WI 53051

"CERTIFICATION - The What's and Why's"

CLICK HERE to register for the March 7th Breakfast Roundtable

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Welcome Our New Members

Welcome to our New Members

Darrell Balzrina

Matthew Blanchard

Meghan Cannon - Marquette University

Hay Lok Chow - Pentair

Jessica Duelm

Matthew Hartl - Lucas Milhaupt, Inc.

Suzann Heinze

Leslie Jagow - Quad Tech

Amy Kerschen

Adrienne Killey - Actuant Corporation

Jonathan Klaiber - Direct Supply

Abraham Sanchez - Marquette University

Lyndon Walker

Emily Wallschlaeger - Avis

Zachary Zander - Prime Dwelling Services, LLC






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Top Management Night & Chapter Awards

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Education: APICS Certifications

Which APICS Offering is Right for Me?

 Find more information at

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Certification Class Schedule


APICS Milwaukee launched the second part of the new streamlined CPIM certification workshop on October 23rd. Both NEW CPIM Modules Part One and Part Two are offered Winter/Spring 2018. The NEW CPIM Part TWO coursework of four modules: 

  • Master Planning of Resources – will cover Demand Management, Sales and Operation Planning (S&OP), and Master Scheduling
  • Detailed Scheduling and Planning – will cover Inventory Management, Planning Material Requirements to Support the Master Schedule, and Planning Operations to Support the Priority Plan
  • Execution and Control of Operations –will cover Execution of Operations, Control of Operations, Quality, Communication, and Continuous Improvement
  • Strategic Management of Resources – will cover the Business Environment and Developing Corporate Strategy, Developing the Operations Strategy, and Implementing the Operations Strategy


Education is at the heart of APICS' mission and the Milwaukee Chapter is committed to providing a strong schedule of classes and courses that will help individuals enhance their professional careers and improve your organization's bottom line. For details on the APICS CPIM, CSCP, & other educational offerings and certifications, please see the Chapter's Education Page on our website.

After listening to our audience, the Chapter made the decision to switch its classes from weekends to weeknights. Keep that in mind when you review the available courses and dates. Check out these Winter/Spring 2018 APICS classes that are held at Waukesha County Technical College (WCTC)


Pre-Registration is required for all classes. To see full details on this entire schedule and to register for classes, please go to the Course Registration Page at WCTC.

Please follow up with the Chapter directly with any questions on any of our Educational Course offerings.

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CLTD Now Available!

Do you want to . . .

  •        Gain recognition in the field as a logistics expert?
  •        Build credibility and set yourself apart from your peers?
  •        Learn latest trends in global supply chain logistics?
  •        Impact your organization’s bottom line?
  •        Demonstrate logistics mastery of knowledge?

Then check out the new CLTD Certification from APICS!

APICS Milwaukee Chapter will offer CLTD classes in 2018.


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APICS National


By APICS CEO Abe Eshkenazi, CSCP, CPA, CAE

After blockchain technology has proved its use in a variety of fields and industries, the digital ledger has officially secured its place in the financial markets. Two exchange-traded funds (ETFs) focused on blockchain technology launched last week to help investors take advantage of the digital platform’s popularity and growth.

CNN’s Paul R. La Monica reports that the new Reality Shares Nasdaq NexGen Economy and Amplify Transformational Data Sharing ETFs each own shares in the increasing number of companies that utilize blockchain technology. An ETF acts like a stock and tracks an index or commodity, with its price rising and falling as transactions happen.

As a refresher, a blockchain is a peer-to-peer ledger hosted on a decentralized network. This means that there is not one central authority that controls the system. Instead, users have their own copies of the ledger, and they run algorithms to verify new transactions. Blockchain technology was originally used to securely record transactions made with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but its use has expanded to track other types of transactions and even product information. This means that, although bitcoin needs blockchain, blockchain technology does not need bitcoin. Therefore, this month’s cryptocurrency crash will not have a huge impact on the stock market value of blockchain technology.

Both the Reality Shares and Amplify ETFs own shares of IBM, which recently PARTNERED WITH MAERSK and A VARIETY OF FOOD MANUFACTURERS AND RETAILERS to use blockchain technology to manage their supply chains. The ETFs also invest in Intel, which creates the software and chips to encrypt cryptocurrency transactions, and online retailer Overstock, which has been experimenting with blockchain technology through its Medici Ventures unit and tZero digital coin exchange. In addition, the ETFs invest in financial groups that could benefit from blockchain technology. Reality Shares has stakes in Nasdaq and Barclays, and Amplify holds shares of Goldman Sachs and Citigroup.

The ETFs do have their differences. Reality Shares is based on an index of blockchain-related companies that it recently launched with Nasdaq. This index is rebalanced twice a year, and the fund’s holdings are adjusted at the same time. Amplify is actively managed and can make changes to its holdings more frequently.

You might also notice that the words blockchain, bitcoin and cryptocurrency are not included in the names of these ETFs. La Monica reports that this is intentional, as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is concerned that some companies’ stock prices are rising simply because they have said they are using blockchain technology or because they have included those words in their company names. For example, Long Island Iced Tea Company changed its name to Long Blockchain Corporation last year and announced that it was seeking to partner with and invest in companies that develop blockchain technology. As a result, its shares jumped nearly 300 percent, BLOOMBERG reports.

"Investors have been buying blindly, and there has been some abuse," said Amplify CEO Christian Magoon. "The SEC has to protect investors."

Reality Shares CEO Eric Ervin told CNN that the ETF approaches the market with a similar caution. Its index is based on a rigorous review of companies’ involvements with blockchain. “We’re not going to accept Kodak just because it’s suddenly decided to do something with blockchain,” Ervin said. Earlier this month, Kodak announced plans to launch a photo-centric cryptocurrency called KODAKCoin. This announcement boosted Kodak’s stock price by 125 percent. Amplify has chosen to invest in the company’s potential, but Magoon said the ETF’s leadership is wary of companies that are trying to ride bitcoin and blockchain’s popularity wave. “We don’t want scam stocks,” he said.

In addition, the SEC is cautious of approving funds that solely invest in cryptocurrency and related products. However, because Reality Shares and Amplify focus on companies that are investing in blockchain technology, they have been approved as ETFs.

Both ETFs have experienced slight growth in their first few weeks on the market. Reality Shares is up approximately 2.5 percent to just less than $25 a share, and Amplify has grown 4.7 percent to just more than $21 a share. Of course, as the technology develops and more uses are discovered, the market interest likely will follow.

Supply chain for the future

For now, blockchain’s best-known benefit for supply chains is the technology can help companies securely manage information about their multiple tiers of suppliers, products, manufacturing processes, transactions and more. In "BLOCKCHAIN: HARNESSING DATA, ENABLING THE FUTURE IOSC,” the APICS Research, Innovation & Strategy Committee reports that enterprises will need to be able to ensure the quality and integrity of their data. They also will need to monitor the way data is used in application-driven processes and related infrastructure. The authors note that the best approach to this could be a blockchain.

Having a secure, digital information ledger also enables all members of a supply chain to seamlessly share accurate, standardized data with one other. This can be especially useful to prevent and contain risks. For example, IBM has been working with food manufacturers and retailers to use blockchains to track items in their supply chains. In the event of a foodborne illness, manufacturers and retailers could review the blockchain data to pinpoint the cause of the issue and identify the affected products. Then, retailers could remove those products from shelves to contain the risk.

APICS offers a variety of resources to help you better manage traditional and emerging supply chain risks. Learn more about what APICS can do for you at APICS.ORG.

Abe Eshkenazi



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Make the Most of your Membership

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APICS Membership Categories

APICS offers two membership options for supply chain, logistics and operations management professionals based on your individual goals: CORE and PLUS. 

We recommend the APICS PLUS membership if you plan to pursue an APICS certification or are working to maintain your certification. 

APICS CORE membership

With an APICS CORE membership, you’ll gain access to industry tools and resources necessary to expand your supply chain knowledge and grow your professional network. 

  • Education and events -  Enjoy discounts on local events and seminars. Members also receive discounted registration for the APICS annual conference focusing on end-to-end supply chain solutions.
  • Global connections - Attend events at a local chapter or take advantage of online networking opportunities to connect with a global network of supply chain professionals. 
  • APICS magazine - Keep up on the latest news and trends with our essential publication. Members receive a free subscription this industry-leading supply chain publication.
  • APICS Dictionary - Expand your industry vocabulary with 4,800 supply chain, logistics, and operations management terms and definitions. 
  • Career resources - Advance your career with access to our members-only job board, mentor center, webinars, career planning resources and more! 
  • Research reports  - Stay on the cutting-edge with research reports that include analyses and best practices. 


APICS PLUS membership 

APICS PLUS members receive all the CORE benefits, PLUS:

Certification savings - Whether you're just beginning your journey toward CPIM, CSCP or CLTD certification or need to maintain and retain knowledge, save money on study- tools and exams for your hard earned credential.

Once you've decided what Membership Category is right for you, become part of the world's most vibrant and engaged community of supply chain professionals!

CLICK HERE to learn about the different APICS membership categories.



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Networking & Job Opportunities

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