“Never filmed in franken before”

Many people know thomas kugel from the kieler tatorten, where he is roland schladitz, the direct superior of commissioner klaus borowski (axel milberg). Now the native of burgebra, who was about to take up his first roles at the E.-T.-A.-hoffmann theater in bamberg learned the trade of retail salesman, returns to his french homeland.

He plays police chief richard bruchner in the franken crime scene "a day like any other. It's about a strange series of murders – the episode will be shown on sunday evening at 20:00.15 aired in the first.

You come from the district of bamberg, so this tatort is your first acting return to franconia?

I have never filmed in france before. Before my acting training in hamburg, however, i worked at the bamberger e.T.A.-I started acting at the hoffmann theater and I still love bamberg, one of the nicest cities in germany.

You know them from the crime scenes in the far north. How do the french investigators compare with borowski??

Also dagmar manzel (criminal investigator paula ringelhahn) is a great colleague who i like very much. But the roles are not really comparable. In the case of the borowski, it's not really a story about a superior, but about two friends, one of whom has gone into investigation and the other into administration and is in charge of the kiel police department. In the franken-tatort, on the other hand, i'm the police president of upper franconia, that's a different story.

What does he have to do in the current tatort?

He's mainly concerned with organizational tasks here. In view of the rapid succession of murders, he has to manage his staff well, cordon off the festival hall, make special forces available and call in reinforcements.

How was the return to the french language??

It was beneficial, but I had to grind my way back in a bit to make it authentic. For the director (sebastian marka), it was important to have someone in this role who really speaks french. You have to work on it a bit, the textbook is in high german. If you don't speak a dialect for a long time, you have to practice it.

Do you now know what a gnoschbeidl is??

No, never heard of.

The word appears in the crime scene and is described by commissioner goldwasser as "someone who complains about food" translated by. But also in our editorial office nobody knew this meaning. Sure, because "a day like any other" is playing is set in bayreuth, for most of the people of bamberger linguistically already quite a way away.

And I am almost closer to bavarian than to french – in the eberhofer crime novels I play a burgermeister from lower bavaria. But I mostly use high german, and I live in schleswig-holstein.

Can you now see them more often in french crime scenes?

I don't think so, it was probably a one-off, but a very recent guest appearance. The franconians are very peculiar, I like that very much and I probably still have something of this beat.

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