Navi distracts the driver on the a3

Around 18.40 o’clock a 42-year-old man from upper franconia was driving on the highway between the geiselwind and schlusselfeld junctions in the direction of nurnberg. According to his own statements, he was concentrating more on his navigation system than on the traffic and noticed a tow truck in front of him too late.

When braking, he tried to swerve to the right, but still collided with the rear of the slower vehicle. His audi skidded, spun and came to a stop in the ditch to the right of the hard shoulder, against the direction of travel.
The impact caused the 50-year-old driver of the 7.5-tonners to lose control of his vehicle. His van, loaded with a car, crashed into the median barrier directly under a bridge, skidded across the entire roadway and finally overturned in the ditch. The car on the loading platform fell and came to rest on its roof.

The police received several emergency calls about a serious accident in which one person was trapped and several others were injured. Ambulance, emergency doctor and the volunteer fire department geiselwind were immediately called to the scene of the accident. Fortunately, it quickly turned out that no one was trapped and the two drivers were only slightly injured. They were taken to hospitals in the surrounding area. During the accident, the cleaning of the road and the recovery of the vehicles was temporarily the road in the direction of nurnberg completely closed. Traffic backed up for several kilometers.

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