More space for children

More space for children

That zapfendorf needs more daycare places is indisputable. However, there were discussions in the municipal council about the costs and the execution of an extension and even the plot of land. And then there’s the fact that the building won’t be finished in time for the nursery children to need the space.

Architect arne vogels has already been a guest at the zapfendorf municipal council twice and presented plans for the new construction of another building on the site of the daycare center for children st. Christophorus before. Two new nursery groups are to be built there to close the supply gap that will open up from the end of 2020, according to current statistics. In the meantime, the design planning has been completed, and soon the tender for the craftsmen’s services can be issued.

Current status

Now vogels was a guest again and presented the current status. And from the point of view of some local councils, it was a big deal. Whereas the previous cost estimate was around 1.2 million euros plus the building’s external facilities, the exact calculations have now resulted in costs of 1.7 million euros – which could still increase if construction begins in the third quarter of 2019.

"In the past, we always calculated with a cost increase of two percent per year, but now we are at two percent per quarter.", so vogels. That was then again over 100000 euro more. At around 180,000 euros, the excavation work also has its price, since the kindergarten’s existing garden area will also be affected. The market zapfendorf’s own contribution was allowed to total around 900,000 euros.

Vogels also discussed the design. Compared to the presentation in july of last year, there have only been minor changes – the building will remain a two-story structure with one daycare group per floor. An elevator must be installed to make the building barrier-free. The upper nursery group, however, can access the garden via a ramp, even without using the stairs or elevator.

For the facade, vogels is planning to use pre-treated wood, since this is where weathering takes place evenly. A plastered facade with a coat of paint required a lot of maintenance due to the many trees in the area. "The additional costs for a wooden facade are about 10,000 euros, which is roughly equivalent to "one coat of paint including scaffolding", vogels explained.

With construction starting in the third quarter of 2019, the pool could be put into operation in the spring of 2021. However, as things stand at present, the daycare places currently available in zapfendorf will be full from the fall of 2020, so there will be a transitional phase.

Some councillors were surprised about the significantly increased costs compared to july 2018. "The question is: what was the task of the council and what have they presented to us today??", said for example harald hummer (WOB). He was alluding to the budget, for which the municipal council had set the figures from the cost estimate as a limit.

Andreas schonath (WOB) said: "the building is roughly comparable to a two-family house. And a builder they could not explain that he should spend for it almost two million euros." vogels contradicted this statement, saying that the building, with dimensions of 14 by 13 meters, was more in the format of three single-family houses. In addition, the eaves area, for example, cannot be compared with a normal house garden. In addition, the elevator and the situation on the property also caused additional costs.

Not everything can be financed

Christopher rosenbusch (CSU) referred to the numerous other projects in the municipality of zapfendorf: "the money has to come from somewhere, and somewhere we have to save the additional costs that arise here. What does the municipal administration have in mind?? Let’s save on the medical center? On the sports field? At the school? Or at the swimming pool? At some point we have to say: we can’t do it anymore!"

Georg ries (CSU) did not like the design: "the building does not correspond in any way to the development plan that we have used as a basis for other developers here." the new building will have a rather flat roof, bricks will not be used. Klara ott (CSU) even questioned the site, saying that it was heavily built up after the extension and that there were no further possibilities here. Nevertheless, the plan was approved with 16:5 votes. At the same time, it will be examined whether there is still room for savings, for example in the windows.

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