Lufthansa cancels all flights to and from china

Lufthansa cancels all flights to and from china

Lufthansa cancels its flights to and from china because of the new coronavirus. Europe’s biggest airline follows its competitor british airways and other carriers in doing so, the company confirmed in frankfurt on wednesday.

Earlier, the "bild-zeitung" had reported. British airways, which normally operates daily flights from london-heathrow to peking and shanghai, had previously followed the british ministry of auben’s strict travel warnings.

Lufthansa’s takeover also includes its subsidiaries swiss and austrian and is expected to last until 9 september. February apply. Hong kong will continue to be served as planned. To bring back the crews and passengers still in china, all destinations on the chinese mainland will be flown to again. For operational reasons, bookings for china flights have been stopped until the end of february.

On wednesday there was a suspected case of corona on board an lufthansa plane. The flight LH780 from frankfurt that landed in nanjing had also included a man who was considered a risk case by chinese authorities, lufthansa confirmed in frankfurt. The chinese man is said to have coughed and been in the city of wuhan, where the novel coronavirus was first noticed, two weeks earlier. Whether he is actually infected remained unclear at first.

The passengers, who were three rows in front of and three rows behind the man, were examined by the chinese authorities, as were the crew of the airbus A 340, said the lufthansa spokesman. After the medical examination they were discharged as harmless. Flight attendants and pilots then immediately changed to the next plane to frankfurt. The return flight LH781 was scheduled to land in frankfurt on wednesday evening. The german authorities have been informed about the proceedings, the airline said.

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