Kulmbach fire department in constant use

Kulmbach fire department in constant use

The kulmbach fire department alone was from 0.30 to about 6.50 o’clock with 30 men and seven vehicles in action again and again. In kulmbach a container caught fire in the bayreuther strabe in the night hours, which could be extinguished quickly. On the way back from the incident, the fire department was called to albert-ruckdeschel-strabe: a waste paper container had caught fire on the premises of elektro-grass. The fire attacked the building over. The amount of damage is still unclear, but according to police estimates it was probably in the low, five-digit range. Arson is not ruled out.

A fire broke out in the attic of a house in the mainleus suburb of polz. The fire department had to remove parts of the roof to fight the fire. The fire damage was estimated at around 10.000 euro.
In kasendorf a house caught fire. The damage here is estimated at 80.000 to 100.000 euros estimated.

The bayreuth criminal investigation department has taken over further investigations.

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