Giving nature space

Giving nature space

Werner hochstetter tell me where the bees are… The announcement made by lissy dorfler-christa, representative of the litzendorf insect friends project group, to the town council sounded dramatic: around 67 percent of the insects are no longer there, which in turn results in a significant decline in the field bird and hedgehog population. Meanwhile, half of the species are on the red list of endangered species, which is why the diversity of the flora is also endangered. "The corona crisis is a pittance against pandemics that are yet to come", according to the federation’s nature conservation activist.

The "stepping stone concept, which does not provide for a contiguous protected area, but rather a network of "biotope islands", should be the goal. In connection with the creation of compensation areas, the aim is to counteract the loss of species. About 100 hours of work were spent on 1500 square meters of compensation areas.

But the ecological shortage list was not over yet. Light pollution is also a problem for insects. Since 90 percent of insects are nocturnal, the permanent illumination of communal areas is a "stress situation" for you. "It’s too bright at night for humans and animals", according to the speaker. The use of new-generation leds can help to remedy this situation.

All in the same boat

Dorfler-christa encouraged the cooperation of all parties involved, from the community and the burghers to the farmers. Especially gardens with a lot of blood and natural borders like the one at the berliner ring in bamberg are suitable to counteract the loss of species. Litzendorf could be a pioneer in the popular petition "save the bees" implement.

According to first mayor wolfgang mohrlein (CSU), "the community is in a good position" and is in constant contact with the farmers and committed burghers. Compensatory areas have already been created "which were not necessary at all". However, there is certainly a need for improvement. It is worth discussing whether the church lights should be left on after 11 p.M., as councillor fleischmann (grune) also complained. Herbert schutz (CSU) warned against blaming agriculture for the shortcomings of the situation. "What would be the ellertal without agricultural processing"??

And what about the water quality in litzendorf?? Rene hempel from the institute for technical and scientific hydrology gave a presentation on this topic. Background: general drainage planning must be reviewed every 20 years. This concerns the water permits for all discharges in the municipal area. Overall, the hydraulic condition was rated "good" missed despite 56 percent of the "mean discharge" being foreign water, what councilman lunz (grune) called "enormous value which could be traced back to leaking canals. The storage volume of 2000 cubic meters, on the other hand, was a good value. The "influence of external water will be a topic for the next few years", so mohrlein.

The water pipes were also the subject of the presentations by jonas pohl of weyrauther ingenieurgesellschaft mbh. He described the various damages to the sewage system in the district of melkendorf.

A camera inspection revealed a need for renovation, which would entail costs of around 445,000 euros. With a possible tender in february 2021, construction is expected to start after easter and take 27 weeks.

Demand funds for "tanzwiesen

Other items on the agenda were the applications for the city building permit and, above all, the extension of the church fair area to the "tanzwiesen-west" building site. With an investment of more than 12 million euros, around 3.7 million were to be recorded as receivables.

A council information system is also to pave the way to the digital future.

In order to provide sufficient care, it was decided that the upper floor of the school needed to be converted into a two-group after-school care center with 50 places.

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