Federal study: plasticizers can make you fat

At least this is the conclusion of an overview study commissioned by the environmental organization BUND, for which around 240 individual studies from recent years were summarized. "Exposure to chemicals such as bisphenol A in the womb has led to later weight gain and increased insulin resistance in experimental animals," said BUND chemicals expert sarah hauser in berlin on tuesday. Above all, sensitive groups such as pregnant women and children had to be better protected.

The role of endocrine disruptors such as bisphenol A or flame retardants, which are found in plastic toys, PVC flooring or food cans, has not yet been proven. The federal institute for risk assessment (bfr) knows the underlying studies. There is no concrete reason to increase the maximum values. "A crude u.S. Study found a correlation between bisphenol A and the occurrence of diabetes. But a causality has not yet been proven, as the authors of the study emphasize," said bfr spokeswoman suzan fiack. Nevertheless, in its evaluation of the 2008 study, the bfr also emphasized that there is a need for further research in this field.

The number of people suffering from diabetes and obesity has been increasing worldwide for decades. Charite toxicologist prof. Gilbert schonfelder added: "so far, the main causes have been poor diet and lack of exercise. However, new studies show that exposure to hormonal pollutants could play an important and previously underestimated role in this development."

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