Excavations need more money

Excavations need more money

Archaeology costs the city more money than expected. The main and finance committee, in its capacity as a vacation committee, approved an extension of the contract around the town hall and castle. And thus also an increase in funds.

Until now, it was expected that about 20 working days would be enough. 35640 euros were granted to the company of archaeologist marco goldhausen for this purpose. It was about the professional care of the search shurfs. This is what the council’s information on the proposed resolution says.

In the course of the archaeological investigations and the further planning of the town hall with regard to the statics of the foundations of the castle, however, it had become clear that further archaeological work would be necessary. According to a first rough estimate, the expected additional costs amount to about 35,000 euros, which is why the contract sum is expected to increase to 70,000 euros.

More civil engineering

Several works have been added, as is informed. For example, a modern drainage channel on the east wing of the castle must be excavated and examined. The search for media routes of the herzo werke in the northern moat of the castle also requires archaeological supervision. Furthermore, the canal construction work from the 17. September to be accompanied archaologically until the end of the year.

The above-mentioned work is part of the preparatory acceptance tests for the construction of the new town hall. The bavarian state office for the preservation of historical monuments requires archaeological supervision of all civil engineering work on the town hall grounds in its decision on the excavation permit required by the law on historical monuments. "We must fully comply with this circumstance", reports mayor german hacker.

Connected with this is also an extension of the civil engineering works, which the herzogenaurach company zollhofer is carrying out for the archaeologists. Previously, the company had been granted a lump sum of 25,000 euros. Here, too, 20 working days were calculated. Together with a mini-excavator and two workers, 1000 euros per day were expected. In addition, there was an additional lump sum for unpredictable events.

Now, however, additional costs have arisen here, too, because, for example, the construction time has increased and the number of searches has increased. The use of machinery and personnel also increased because of the need to remove foundation remains in the castle courtyard. Additional shoring work was also necessary in the depths and, last but not least, a number of old pipes had to be repaired in the palace courtyard, which were not included in any media plan of the herzo werke.

Thus the total costs of 55 400 euro, which were estimated due to the unpredictability of the archaology. In total, the cost of both contracts increases from about 60,000 to 125,000 euros.

The playground in the castle moat has been reopened after a brief closure.

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