Cooks from the french provide the erlangen palace garden festival with culinary delights

cooks from the french provide the erlangen palace garden festival with culinary delights

Two restaurateurs from french switzerland rock this year's schlossgartenfest in erlangen: peter hubschmann from ebermannstadt and marcus muller from veilbronn. "I am so happy that we have new and motivating restaurateurs", says ursula ertl, who is responsible for the conception, coordination and realization of the festival on the 30th of june. June is responsible. Because the friedrich-alexander-university erlangen-nurnberg (FAU) is celebrating 275 years this year. Anniversary. That's why the palace garden festival, which will be held under the motto "the world as a guest in erlangen", is to be a great success will also be very special. "We expect about 5000 guests", tells ursula ertl. What's new this year is that anyone can buy tickets for the event, not just people connected to the university. "The look will also be new", reports peter hubschmann. For example, the tent will be spared and there will be an aubergewohnliches lichterfest.

The two restaurateurs have formed a joint venture and want to inspire their guests with a global culinary concept. There will be delicacies from the traditional french cuisine, but also asian or mediterranean delicacies. "It will be a great experience, because there is something for everyone, from pretzels to fillet steak. And I have come up with some very special desserts", tells cake chef marcus muller who is excited about the new challenge. Burger stations and cocktail bars are also planned. "However, the favorite burger of a dear friend of mine, the carp burger, will not be available", says muller with a smile. And peter hubschmann adds that this year, four small breweries from the region will be serving their beer instead of a large one. There will even be a jubilee beer made to the recipe of FAU students, which will also be distributed later. Further hubschmann reports that they will use regional organic products of high quality. "So that our guests can feel safe, we have set up a huge security concept", tells ursula ertl. On sunday there will be a big family day in the palace garden and in the following week there will be a beer garden operation. "That is also new this year. We leave the beer bar there, serve beer and offer beer garden snacks," says hubschmann, reports hubschmann, who has already organized many rough events. One even in the harbor of the greek island of rhodes.

FAU president joachim hornegger invites guests to the palace garden festival. "He also comes from the french part of switzerland, from wiesenthau. And he graduated from high school in ebermannstadt", says ursula ertl, who lives in effeltrich. She also reports that in september last year it became clear that a new caterer had to be found. A swiss man who spends his vacations in french-speaking switzerland once a year gave ursula ertl the new gscheitgut cookbook "vegetarische kuche". She found peter hubschmann, who runs a catering service together with marcus muller. "This is a stroke of luck for us", says ursula ertl, who organized the festival for the 19th time. Mal organizes and reveals that the big band of the university will play for the funeral, in the orangerie the oldies big band, in front of the kollegienhaus the reinhard stockmann band, in front of the botanical garden the keller mountain blues band, in the middle the picobello dance band and in the lounge area by the castle the thomas fink quartet. At the end of the festival there will be a rough fireworks display. "It's a huge story that causes a lot of work and sleepless nights, but we're happy and proud about it," says ursula ertl, says Marcus Muller.

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