Continued positive development on the labor market

The positive trend in the labor market in the main-rhon region, which was already evident in the first quarter, continued at the beginning of the second quarter with a slight decline in unemployment. In april, 7251 people were registered as unemployed. That was 240 fewer people than in the previous month. The unemployment rate fell from 3.0 percent in march to 2.9 percent in april. As is customary at this time of year, the group of persons in particular recorded a sharp drop in unemployment, with a minus of 167 (3.9 percent) compared with the previous month. There was also a decline in all other groups of people. The most significant decrease was also in the group of older persons (50 years and older) with a decrease of 89 persons (2.9 percent).

"The main reason for the downward trend in the number of unemployed is the spring recovery. A rough number of so-called ‘re-employers’ from the construction, horticulture, agriculture and gastronomy sectors had already been recalled by employers before the easter holidays. Even though the economic institutes have corrected their economic forecasts somewhat downward, our regional labor market is still in good shape. This is reflected in the unabated high demand for workers. However, we are noticing that some temporary employment contracts in the metal industry are coming to an end and are no longer being renewed, klaus seebach, deputy director of the schweinfurt employment agency, explains in a press release. Compared to the previous year, unemployment increased by 341 people. The unemployment rate at that time was 2.8 percent.

The number of companies that registered their employees for short-time work remained unchanged from the previous month at 24. The number of people affected rose slightly by 84 to 600. A year ago, the numbers were lower. In april 2018, 11 companies with 69 employees were registered for short-time work.

In april, 604 unemployed people with a refugee background were paid in the main-rhon region. This corresponded to 8.3 percent of all registered unemployed persons.

At 5204, the number of vacancies remained at the same level as the previous month and the previous year. Compared with the previous month, the number of vacancies fell by only 19, and by 18 in the previous year. Of the positions offered, 5004 were subject to social security contributions.

Employers reported 4943 positions to be filled immediately. The average vacancy period was 224 days. Compared to the previous year, the duration increased by 30 days. A good third of the positions were unfilled for six months or longer.

As in previous years, the number of registered apprenticeships significantly exceeded the number of registered applicants. Since october 2018, 2,638 young people have turned to the vocational guidance service of the schweinfurt employment agency in their search for an apprenticeship position. Compared to the previous year, this was a decrease of 177 young people and corresponded to a minus of 6.3 percent. In the same period, 3811 vocational training positions were reported to the employment agency, 80 training places or 2.1 percent fewer than in the same period last year

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