Fundamentals Education

Our Fundamentals Classes are divided into levels:

Core Fundamentals

This workshop is ideally suited for employees that support or interact with supply chain and inventory management professionals. It introduces essential vocabulary and skills in identifying and applying the basic principles of inventory management and the impact that these systems have on front-line manufacturing operations. Basic methods of planning and controlling inventory in manufacturing, institutional distribution, and retail environments are covered. Participants will learn to:

  • Recognize the importance of inventory and production control and discover common methods used in industry to achieve operational efficiencies.
  • Discuss common means used to procure materials from suppliers.
  • Discover how manufacturing resource planning (MRP) balances supply and demand for a company.


Extended Fundamentals

A natural extension of Core Fundamentals, this workshop introduces professionals to applications of company-wide planning methods. The tools discussed are used for viewing the “big picture” and assessing the impact of the current schedule on labor and material requirements over a longer period of time. Participants will learn to:

  • Recognize how bill of materials (BOM) creates visibility for lower level operations.
  • Discuss how master scheduling and forecasting provides visibility on long lead-time items as well as providing a structure for capacity planning.
  • Discover the power of capacity planning and how it relates to labor utilization.
  • Utilize lean manufacturing principles to minimize wasted time and steps in a process while reducing the costs to produce an item.


Classes are offered twice throughout the program year. The schedule below shows start date and time only. Please contact us before you register if you have questions about course dates. Also please note classes typically skip holidays. 

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