Otmar Schneider is dead

Elisabeth mehn otmar schneider died on february 22. February at the age of 87. With the family and a large number of mourners, the mannergesangverein (MGV) liederhort said goodbye to a hard-working, helpful and companionable member of the village community, who was much appreciated for his helpfulness, his craftsmanship and not least for his dry sense of humor.

Worked as a fitter

Born in fridritt in 1931, otmar schneider grew up as the oldest of eight siblings. After leaving school, he learned the trade of a plumber and fitter in munnerstadt, and after a few stops along the way, he began working as a fitter for SKF in schweinfurt in 1959. He was employed there until he retired in 1991 after 32 years of service.

Zeitlofs: dogs quarrel – now the police is investigating

Zeitlofs: dogs quarrel - now the police is investigating

Anyone who owns a dog knows the situation: two strange dogs meet while walking, they can’t smell each other – and the scuffle is on. This is what happened recently in zeitlofs. Why this incident has not only prompted the police, but also the "bayerische zentralstelle fur bekampfung von extremismus und terrorismus" (bavarian central office for fighting extremism and terrorism) is very unusual for the two of them. On the one hand, this is due to matthias hauke, who, as mayor of zeitlofs, has a special role to play in this case. And to the dog owner who went berserk after the dog fight.

On 1. November the bad bruckenau police noted in their daily press report that a man – tommy B. (35) – had gone for a walk with his four dogs on sunday night. And that he roared and "woke up half the village with his screaming". The walk ended in front of the mayor’s house, whom he also "insulted and threatened" have. B. I received a banning order, so the peace in the village was ensured at least at night.

Dog busts drug nest in northeastern habberge county

dog busts drug nest in northeastern habberge county

Because a dog howled in a rented apartment in the northeastern district of habberge, the police made a not insignificant drug find. The neighbors had become aware of the howling of the 15 year old dog. Since there was a suspicion that a helpless person could be in the apartment, the landlord of the apartment informed the police. But the officers did not find a human being above the dog – but they did find a lot of hashish, marijuana and synthetic drugs, some of which were lying open in the apartment or were stored in cans and other containers.

In the rented apartment at the time, in march 2016, lived two young men. One of them received a criminal warrant for possession of narcotics below the not small amount. The other one was hit harder: because he already has five drug-related convictions, he had to appear before a criminal court at habfurt district court on wednesday, where he was charged with possession of a "not insignificant quantity" of drugs sentenced to a five-month custodial sentence.

It is said and celebrated

It is said and celebrated

On the coming sunday the muhlenverein invites to 18. Mill festival at the pond muhle near steinwiesen a. After the evangelical service, which will be performed by the heinersberg trombone choir, the new plank float will be "preserved" become. As the flober once said, one wants to "cycle" with it afterwards. Because with these board floats, according to flob order as "stummel" (about 1000 boards) has been floated from the numerous small frankenwald muhlen to schwurbitz on the main river over the past 500 years.

From there it went on as "hallstadter stummelstuck" with two round wooden bottoms as head and behind it three stumps (about 3000 boards) to hallstadt or bischberg and further as "wurzburger stummelstuck with three round wooden floors at the top and 15 stumps (about 15000 boards) all the way to wurzburg. Thus also the small forest owners of the franconian forest could profit from the wood trade and a warm blessing from the lands at the main came into the poor area.

Study: gm corn does not harm bee larvae

Study: GM corn does not harm bee larvae

Also the mortality rate of the animals had not increased. The scientists fed the insect offspring in an artificial honeycomb for five days with genetically modified corn, among other things. One of the three test groups had received pollen of a corn variety containing three pest control genes in its feed juice. The bees had digested the toxic egg white without problems. Tests were also carried out on the MON 810 genetically modified corn variety, which has been banned in germany since 2009.

"This result is in line with the state of the art in science," said scientific staff member stephan hartel of the university’s department of zoology. There is no published scientific study showing that there is a negative effect on the honeybee.

Movie theater entrepreneur flebbe fears the death of cinemas

movie theater entrepreneur flebbe fears the death of cinemas

The new james bond film was supposed to attract millions of moviegoers to german theaters this week, but now the 4,000 or so screens remain dark.

According to hans-joachim flebbe, who runs ten premium cinemas in germany, smaller houses in particular will not survive the corona crisis. "There’s zero income for us," says the 68-year-old. Moreover, the shutdown is driving movie fans into the arms of streaming services like netflix – possibly forever, is flebbe’s fear.

“Never filmed in franken before”

Many people know thomas kugel from the kieler tatorten, where he is roland schladitz, the direct superior of commissioner klaus borowski (axel milberg). Now the native of burgebra, who was about to take up his first roles at the E.-T.-A.-hoffmann theater in bamberg learned the trade of retail salesman, returns to his french homeland.

He plays police chief richard bruchner in the franken crime scene "a day like any other. It's about a strange series of murders – the episode will be shown on sunday evening at 20:00.15 aired in the first.