Commodity giants glencore and xstrata consider merger

commodity giants glencore and xstrata consider merger

However, it is still open whether an offer will be made. Both companies are listed on the london stock exchange and have their headquarters in switzerland for tax reasons, among others. Glencore currently has a market value of just under 30 billion pounds, while xstrata is currently worth around 33 billion pounds on the stock exchange.

If the 34 percent stake that glencore already holds in xstrata is excluded from the valuation, the two companies are worth around 52 billion pounds (around 62 billion euros). According to information from the news agency bloomberg, a merger could be announced as early as this week. The agency refers to two persons familiar with the matter.

Study: bond between mothers and daughters most intense

study: bond between mothers and daughters most intense

About one in two daughters (55 percent) regularly discuss personal matters with their mothers, according to an interim conclusion of the pairfam relationship and family panel.

According to the technical university of chemnitz, comparatively few sons (29 percent) regularly reveal personal details to their mothers, while not even one in seven sons (13 percent) frequently discuss personal matters with their fathers. The data from daughters and sons between the ages of 15 and 37 on their relationship with their parents was analyzed.

“Our steigerwald”: no national park plan

After the clear statement of the state government that in the steigerwald the status nature park "not without consent of the population" is the association emphasizes that some peace has returned to the region. Now the criticism of the national park opponents of "our steigerwald" is making itself felt firmly committed to the "new idea of bamberg district administrator gunther denzler (CSU): the steigerwald should become a world natural heritage site. This goes, as the association denzler quoted, quite simply. You only have to designate a nature reserve in the upper franconian area of the steigerwald, and you can submit the application. Denzler reckons that the steigerwald has a chance of being declared a world natural heritage site by unesco. A national park is not needed for this.

Coarse protected area is but necessary

Three areas – one training program

Three areas - one training program

To the 1. January of this year, a law came into force that reorganizes training in the nursing professions. With the start of the new training year in september, the new regulations are already in force. In order to meet this challenge, 60 partners have now joined forces and established a training association. Because it transcends county and even state borders, this solution is considered by those involved to be a particularly successful one.

The challenge was to unite the former professions of geriatric nursing, pediatric nursing and nursing to form a new occupational profile. In the future, anyone who graduates as a nursing specialist can be employed in all three areas.

Amri accomplice charged with planning attack in germany

Amri accomplice charged with planning attack in germany

The federal prosecutor’s office has filed charges against an islamist from berlin who is alleged to have planned an explosives attack in germany with the late christmas market bomber anis amri. Magomed-ali C. Has been in custody since august.

According to the indictment, his aim was "to kill or at least injure as many people as possible". In addition to the tunisian amri, an accomplice who is now in custody in france was also involved in the plot, which was disrupted by police officers, as the federal prosecutor’s office announced on tuesday.

Study points to frequent inbreeding among neanderthals

Study points to frequent inbreeding among neanderthals

The neanderthals in siberia have produced descendants also with closer relatives about 50 000 years ago. This is what scientists from the max planck institute for evolutionary anthropology in leipzig found out. They base their statements on the examination of DNA extracted from a woman’s toe bone. According to the report, this woman’s parents were close relatives. The experts published their study in the british journal "nature".

"We ran various inbreeding scenarios on the computer and discovered that the parents of this neanderthal female must have been either half-siblings on her mother’s side, great cousin and great cousin, uncle and niece, aunt and nephew, great father and granddaughter, or great mother and grandson," said population geneticist montgomery slatkin of the university of california in berkeley, u.S., who led part of the genome analyses. Further investigations revealed that the neanderthal populations were small and that inbreeding may have been more common.

Stada minority shareholders demand additional payment in court

Stada minority shareholders demand additional payment in court

The goal is to obtain a much higher cash settlement and annual guaranteed dividend from the financial investors bain and cinven, explained dusseldorf lawyer peter dreier. He filed a corresponding complaint for the investors with the authorities on tuesday.

The cash compensation of 74.40 euros per share offered by bain and cinven to the remaining shareholders does not adequately reflect the value of stada, said dreier. The annual compensation payment of 3.82 euros per share for shareholders who do not tender their shares to the financial investors is also too low. The fair value per stada share is to be set "above 95 euros. High future profit margins and sales in the course of the restructuring of stada were not adequately taken into account in the company valuation, the plaintiff's representative explained. "Stada is a pearl."

Previously convicted man must pay child support for three underage children

Previously convicted man must pay child support for three underage children

When a defendant with a criminal record who is on probation sits in the dock, the question is always: yes or no to a custodial sentence? However, if the offense was a violation of the obligation to pay child support, a prison sentence would prevent exactly what is required of the defendant – that he pay regular alimony to the child’s mother. Against the backdrop of this dilemma, the habfurt district court dropped an indictment against a 36-year-old craftsman with the stipulation that the man must continue to work regularly in the future and fulfill his fatherly duties to the best of his ability.

Quarter not paid

The bottom line is that the trial was only about a short period of time, because since february 2017 the worker has had a considerable part of his wages pledged away with over 500 euros. However, he had already taken up the job with a monthly salary of around 1500 euros in november 2016. This means that in the period up to january 2017, i.E. For a quarter of a year, the defendant failed to meet his financial obligations for three minor children aged four, eight and 15 years. The time before that he spent partly in jail.

Beer culture festival enters second round

Beer culture festival enters second round

After the successful premiere last spring, the beer culture festival of the french tuscany experiences a second edition. In memmelsdorf, the focus is on barley juice for two days at once this year. On friday, 4. May, and saturday, 5. May, seven of the currently twelve active breweries from the french tuscany communities memmelsdorf, litzendorf and strullendorf want to present their beers.

The breweries drei kronen and hohn (both memmelsdorf), goller (drosendorf), wagner (merkendorf), knoblach (schammelsdorf), honig (tiefenellern) and sauer (robdorf am forst) are planning to serve a total of 26 different types of beer. The simultaneous tapping of seven kegs is to take place on friday evening at 5 p.M. – and not by local political celebrities, but by the brewmasters themselves. These will certainly select their favorite beers for tasting. To ensure that no one comes up short – or is immediately full – the stuff is offered for tasting not only in the classic seidla, but also in smaller tasting glasses.

Corona-warn-app to become transparent as “open source

Corona-warn-app to become transparent as

The program code of the announced corona-warn-app is to be published for the examination by a broad public. This is the result of decisions made by chancellor angela merkel (CDU) and the heads of the german states.

"The app becomes transparent as open source provided," says the paper. As soon as a widely usable app was available, it would be important for large parts of the population to make use of this possibility. They were able to learn when they had contact with an infected person and respond quickly to it. "The federal government and lander will call."