Brose baskets visit eltmann secondary school students

Brose baskets visit eltmann secondary school students

At six stations, the students got a taste of the sport and learned a lot about basketball. The focus was on dribbling, passing, throwing, basket handling, ball handling and coordination. The leadership was in the hands of the graduate sports economist and youth coordinator sebastian bohnlein, who is on the road with ten young helpers in the schools to inspire the young people for basketball.

Sports teacher gudrun gasiew from the wallburg-realschule emphasizes that the action day is not a one-day event for the sport of basketball. "We have been taking part in the basketball competition "jugend trainiert fur olympia" for a long time. At the schools-league in the district habberge we became first with our team. We were qualified for the franken-first-champion in bamberg and achieved a good second place. In addition, three bundesliga players visited our school last year, providing a lot of information and leaving a special impression."

Gudrun gasiew said that the georg schafer sports hall in eltmann offers the best conditions for the sport. Of course, it would be even easier to motivate the schoolchildren if they were also able to meet bundesliga players.

Youth coordinator sebastian bohnlein called it his goal "to create a great community experience for the kids. Last year, we won 12 games this way.000 schoolchildren introduced to basketball. With our training we want to ignite the spark for basketball." he considers it important to convey values in fair play and as a team player.

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