"Mastering DIRECT Project Leadership"

The summer roundtables ended on a strong note with the topic, “Implementing Process and System Changes.”  9 companies were represented, Thermo Fischer Scientific, Miller Coors, Sanborn Tube Sales, Sierra Nevada Corporation, Kerslake & Associates, ASI Doors, Guardian Business Solutions, KHS USA, and Desert Aire.

The way that we change organizations is through projects led by good leadership and dedicated teams.  Our discussion focused around an article for the latest APICS Magazine, “Mastering DIRECT Project Leadership” by Daniel Stanton.  Paraphrased  from Peter Drucker, management is about doing things right, while leadership is about doing the right things.

A couple key points of the discussion:

  1.      There needs to be a good clear definition of the vision.
  2.      The options require a thorough investigation.
  3.      A course of action needs to be planned and executed.
  4.      People need to be transitioned.
  5.      The projection needs evaluation.

The struggles of poor planning and execution that comes from a lack of leadership drove the topic for next month’s Brookfield roundtable on September 13, “How Do We Measure Improvement”.  We will be looking at how to sell new ideas to management.

- Fred Kindelberger, APICS Milwaukee BOD - Programs / Breakfast Meetings

CLICK HERE to link to the article that appeared in recent APICS Magazine.


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