Assessing your Supply Chain - Seminar at WCTC

Course Title Assessing your Supply Chain
Date(s) March 22, 2016
Time 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Location Harry V. Quadracci Center, Q Building
Cost $179

It is likely that you are familiar with the metrics associated with your company's financial performance, but how versed are you in another indicator of financial performance - your company's supply chain? Do you know how well your supply chain is performing in terms of inventory accuracy? On-time delivery? Many companies have overlooked the importance of their own supply chain performance measurements. This situation exists despite the fact that supply chain performance is the leading indicator of excellent financial performance.

This workshop is designed to assist companies with establishing a road map to determine how well their internal supply chain process is running and where improvements are needed in your particular organization.

  • Recognize the elements needed for maintaining a well-run supply chain operation.
  • Identify an approach for gathering and evaluating your organization's supply chain activities and processes.
  • Rate the elements needed to achieve quick wins toward maximizing supply chain performance.



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APICS Milwaukee Chapter #18 - Outstanding Contributor Awards

The APICS Milwaukee Chapter #18 has established a program to recognize the outstanding contributors to our chapter.  Awards are given the: Instructor, Company, Member, and Students of the Year.  These awards are presented annually to those with accomplishments having been acknowledged as superior.  The Board of Directors or any Milwaukee Chapter #18 member, in good standing, may nominate any current member, in good standing, who meets the qualifications listed below:

  1. Has made worthwhile contributions to help improve the local chapter educational programs through: attending or assisting with educational offerings; promoting educational offerings or other forms of involvement that support educational programs.
  2. Has promoted membership through: attendance at the local monthly meetings; conducting a membership campaign; promoting/encouraging student membership at local universities or educational institutions; or other forms of involvement that support membership programs.
  3. Has made an outstanding contribution to the Milwaukee Chapter #18 to enable the Chapter to better meet its chapter management goals to:


    • Understand and respond to the needs of our market and, specifically, the management requirements of our target market. 
    • Provide a means for our membership to meet their goals and objectives by adding value to their individual skills, talents, knowledge, and abilities. 
    • Develop responsive delivery systems in programs, education, and all Chapter activities which reflect advancing and applying the APICS Body of Knowledge and the APICS Principles for Operations Management as to add value to everything we do. 
    • Create and maintain a Chapter management structure to support and attain the Chapter vision and mission as reflected in annual achievement of Passport Gold/Platinum status. 
    • Create alliances with professional organizations to enhance and expand awareness of APICS in general and, specifically the Milwaukee Chapter, beyond materials practitioners. 
    • Ensure Chapter member volunteers are recognized and rewarded for their contributions to the Chapter's success in a positive, systematic, publicized manner.


The Award: The selected Instructor, Company, Member and Students of the Year will be formally recognized at the Chapter’s May Professional Development Meeting at WCTC in Waukesha.

Nominating Procedure: Click here to dowlaod the nomination form which must be completed to be considered.  E-mail to the Chapter Executive Director Adam Woznicki,

Nominations must be received no later than April 1.

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