Building a High Performance Workplace

Christine McMahon is a business strategist who helps companies and individuals build a bridge between where they are now and where they want to be.  Her presentation was lively and displayed the passion that McMahon feels for today's business culture and the opportunties to improve on what we have learned.

Her presentation was based on what she called the 'High Performance Model,' or six vital ingredients for success:

  • Clarify Performance Expectation
  • Assess Competencies
  • Participate in Training
  • Ask for Feedback
  • Be Accountable
  • Learn Expected Consequences

She encouraged us to engage our employees and team members in the company objectives and initiatives so they can get a feel for the importance of their contribution . . . “This is what leaders do,” says McMahon.

Continual feedback bridges the gap between what has been learned and how it can be applied.  When we are assessing these gaps we find what is needed to develop our employees for our future, or offer different opportunities to those that no longer fit.  Clarifying performance expectations in a constructive, non-defensive many is the lifeblood of organizations.  How can we motivate (the external driver) and inspire employees to develop their skillsets to where we want them to be?  Employees should be well aware of their expectations and what happens when they succeed, or fall short, of these goals – making them accountable for their actions.

Generally employees don’t come to work to do a bad job when we’re setting them up for success.  In our current climate, we’re asking employees to do more with less.  It’s becoming increasingly more important to keep a pulse on our employees’ needs and training gaps which encompass past, current and future opportunities.  This is done through gentle mentoring, using our legacy as a guide toward inspiring fellow employees.  The way that the leader simply shows up and is present says a lot for the relationships formed and forged throughout the organization.  Something to keep in mind – employees don’t leave their job . . . they leave their boss.

By holding timely feedback sessions that include positive reinforcement and specific coaching we can help our employees identify areas for self-improvement, seek input and take ownership for results.  A personal success meeting might include:

  • Successes Accomplished
  • Challenges Overcome
  • Current Challenges
  • Assistance Needed
  • Action Plans


Can we create a learning organization by framing the context of feedback?  McMahon feels that corporations are simply conglomerations of failures and successes that began with intent and developed their culture into a habit.  Author, Charles Duhigg, in the book The Power of Habit ( relates the stories of how exercising the right habits were crucial Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, Starbuck CEO Howard Schultz, and civil-rights hero Marin Luther King, Jr.  In a review of the book, ‘habits’ are described as a new science to transform our businesses, our communities, and our lives. 

There is a manufacturing renaissance that is coming in the US.  We can be ready for it by changing the culture of our companies by changing our habits.

Follow Christine at her website: or on LinkedIn.


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New Student Chapter Webpages

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ASQ Milwaukee Section 2014 Courses in Quality & Leadership

ASQ Milwaukee Section

2014 Courses in Quality & Leadership

QC 100-400 Spring Courses – 2014

Preliminary Schedule


                                                                  Course Date                         









FMEA and Risk Analysis


Quality Audits To Add Value


Gage R&R


Supplier Quality & Use of PPAP





Basic Statistical Process Control




Basic Statistical Process Control




Application of Sampling Error


Advanced SPC Techniques




System & Personal Improvement


Total Quality Management Systems



A3 Problem Solving



Data Analysis



Managing Change



Team Leadership



From Burnout to Resilience: The Science of Thriving During Challenge, Change & Stress


Time Management, Prioritization & Organizational skills

Building Your Reputation as a Quality Leader





Emotional Intelligence & Accountability to Engage Quality Teams


        Time  8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. each Day

        Location Waukesha, WI at I94 & WI-164 MRA Building

        Credits 0.7 RUs or CEUs per day

Price 1 day $275     2days $425      3days $550      4days $650

Refreshments, lunch, and materials included. 10% group discount for three or more from same company.

For course descriptions, instructor bios, registration information, and updates, please visit our website:

ASQ Milwaukee has provided high value education and training to the community for over 30 years.

Attendee survey says: 100% of respondents would recommend to other.  93% rate training as good or better than other training taken.  Instructors average a rating of 9 out of 10.

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Student Event Fees Reduced

APICS Milwaukee has eliminated PDM, Tours, and Breakfast Meeting fees for all APICS Milwaukee chapter student members.  Please sign up as a Student Member on APICS national site to be eligible.  

Please be sure to register online for all events to help with planning for meals.

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No More Late Fees

APICS Milwaukee has eliminated late fees for all events.  We ask that you please sign up as early as possible to help us with planning for meals.

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APICS Recertification Exam

The CPIM recertification exam includes 30 questions taken from four of the five CPIM Modules for a total of 120 multiple-choice items delivered in one, three-hour exam. The fee is equal to just one CPIM exam!

Now is a good time to renew your credential to stay competitive in a growing field and update your production and inventory management skills.

This exam will be available from early February 2014 through December 31, 2014. Candidates may schedule an exam in early 2014; check back to this page for updates.

For more information, visit the APICS website:

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Congratulations to recent CPIM recipients!

We congratulate the following recipients of the honored CPIM Certification:

  •      Charles R. Whitmer
  •      Kathy Longhini
  •      John Koradko
  •      Chung-Pang Heng

The APICS CPIM Certification is a series of five comprehensive tests covering terminology, concepts, and strategies related to demand management, procurement management, supplier planning, material requirements planning, capacity planning, sales and operations planning, master scheduling, performance measurements, supplier relationships, quality control, and continuous improvement.


These recipients will be 'pinned' at a future PDM meeting with high accolades.  Those of us who have passed, and those who are in the processes of obtaining our certification, know what an achievement this is!

For additional information on the CPIM certification and what it can do for your career, these fine recipients or click on this link:


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