Bamberg now has 23 burgermedal holders

Bamberg now has 23 burgermedal holders

"The well-being of the city impressively and permanently challenged" have two personalities, who were admitted today in bamberg into the small circle of the burgermedal bearers. Mayor andreas starke (SPD) awarded the gold medal to karin dengler-schreiber and helmuth jungbauer. The setting was a festive session of the city council in the hall of mirrors of the harmonie and music by a trio consisting of teachers from the city's music school.

In the case of dengler-schreiber, the city council's decision to award her the burgermedaille was primarily in recognition of her commitment to the preservation of the city's local heritage and to bamberg's world heritage. For 26 years, the historian has been involved as a guardian of bamberg's past, said starke, and in the process has saved some things from demolition that people in bamberg are proud of today. He cited as examples the erba buildings and the brick building of the former kaliko next to the concert hall, which is now an indispensable part of the conference and congress facilities. "The word of her has weight", so the conclusion of the oberburgermeister.

Helmuth Jungbauer has rendered outstanding services in the economic and cultural fields. As editor of the frankischer tag from 1994 to 2008, he made bamberg the center of the upper franconian media landscape, and as chairman of the association of the "friends of the bamberg symphony orchestra" with a current membership of 1240, it is one of the largest private cultural institutions in bavaria. Jungbauer and "his association have been instrumental in "ensuring that bamberg's most important cultural ambassador receives the attention he deserves". Starke suspects that without the club, there would be neither the "gustav mahler conducting competition" nor the "gustav mahler competition", the "biennial the "orchestra academy for the next generation" gabe.

The two honorees expressed their gratitude for the honor in very personal speeches – precisely because they could and were also uncomfortable as admonishers and commentators.

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