Bamberg in historical films

Ferdinand jositsch is actually only an amateur filmmaker. But what the agile 82-year-old with his 18 (!) cameras filmed over the decades, deserves the pradikat professional work. Jositsch will show a taste of his skills on saturday, 25. May, at the volkshochschule in the old E-werk, when the film& video club bamberg e.V. At 5 p.M. Invites to the ceremony: 50 years ago the club was founded under the name "bamberger-filmamateure 1969 founded, 1977 at the register of associations in "filmclub bamberg e.V." departed.

Ferdinand jositsch was present at the founding in 1969 and was immediately elected to the board of directors. As early as 1965, the VHS, which was located in the old town hall under the direction of robert dubois, held a seminar on the basic creation of cine films. "This gave rise to the desire for a "club" of our own, jositsch, a member of the foundation, remembers. And so the first nine hobby filmmakers had also joined forces. Club-location is the "red ox in the konigstrabe become.

As the technology of filmmaking has changed over the past five decades, so has the number of club members. It started with normal 8 and super 8 to tape material, video8, hi 8, DV up to today’s digital chip technology. "Narrow filming was risk work: does something good come out of it?? Correct exposure?", jositsch explains the difference to today’s filming with the problem-free digital camera.

Infected by filming

In 2019, 56 film freaks belong to the club association. Reinhold pflaum is the first chairman, himself infected with filming for many years. "We make our own films, we don’t watch the ones we buy", pflaum describes the mission of the club, which is currently located in the "tambosi" on the promenade his club pub entertainment. The main theme of the hundreds of films shot so far is bamberg. There meet a "historically valuable sure to look up how "buses pass through the old town hall or how the 1976 corpus christi procession was carried out", according to the club chairman. Most of these documents, which are a discovery for history-conscious bambergers, are stored in the city archives.

But the club members don’t just capture bamberg motifs on chips. They are also fond of traveling and bring back film reports from their tours around the world. Naturally with sound recordings that were not possible before. Instead of a screen and a projector, a USB stick and a laptop are now sufficient to show the films. Some of the films have been so successful that they have won prizes at international and national amateur film festivals.

Proud of honorary certificate

Reinhold pflaum is particularly proud of the honorary certificate that mayor andreas starke (SPD) presented to the film& videoclub as a thank you "for the outstanding performance at the 2012 state horticultural show in bamberg" had exhibited. For half a year, weekly film contributions were made about the event, which were handed in and uploaded at the state horticultural show’s office.

Ferdinand jositsch only recently presented his son with a video for his 52nd birthday. On his 30th birthday, he was given a 30-minute film with footage from his baby and toddler years: "from the time he was picked up in the old hospital until he was three years old", jositsch tells about his latest work. Reinhold pflaum directs this year’s prunksitzung of the "knights of the rooster in trunstadt, which he filmed with seven cameras at the same time: "five permanently installed and two handheld cameras", lost pflaum the ratsel.

The chairman of the association naturally also wishes for new interested people who could get enthusiastic about the film club. Reinhold pflaum offers theoretical and practical help, tips for editing films on the computer, for legal protection when using music and much more.

Ferdinand jositsch praises the friendly atmosphere in the club: "the 50 years show that we stick together!" he is looking forward to the celebrations on saturday, which will be attended by andreas stark and other bamberger personalities. Not only the mayor was allowed to enjoy the short films from old bamberger times: the ceremony is open to everyone.

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