Value of APICS Supply Chain Certifications

Have you considered investing in an APICS supply chain certification?

The Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM) recently published their supply chain salary survey and reported that 91% of supply chain professional reported earning a salary increase in 2019. In addition, supply chain professionals who had earned at least one APICS certification reported median salaries that were 21% higher than those who were not certified per the graphic below.

TalkingLogistics recently shared their survey and had asked their members if getting a supply chain certification was important for career advancement, especially for new supply chain professionals. They also asked which certification they would recommend. A majority (61%) of their member respondents said that getting a supply chain or logistics certification is “Important” or “Very Important” for career advancement, especially for new professionals. Less than 20% said that it was “Slightly Important” or “Not Important.”

They went on to state, “An overwhelming majority of the respondents (81%) recommend APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) certification, with APICS Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) ranking second with 39% of the respondents recommending it.”

Their graphic below shows how APICS certifications rated versus other supply chain certifications.

Lastly, TalkingLogistics shared, that overall respondents were generally positive about the value of certifications, especially for professionals who are new to the discipline or didn’t study supply chain management in college. Here’s one example:

“I have received the following certifications from APICS (ASCM): CSCP, CLTD, CPIM, and SCOR-P Endorsement. I feel that achieving certification, especially after being removed from school for a period of time, reflects your willingness to advance yourself. CSCP is a good one to go after because it addresses the supply chain end-to-end, while CPIM and CLTD focus on the front end and back end, respectively. SCOR-P enables you to learn how to analyze your company’s processes and benchmark them against [similar] companies. [Obtaining certifications] is keeping yourself relevant and up to date.”

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