Top 10 Value Drivers for APICS & Certification

At APICS Milwaukee our mission is to serve local supply chain professionals at all levels in their careers. Recently, Tim Wild, a global supply chain executive, shared his top 10 value drivers listed below for APICS and certification. 

  1. The APICS experience makes you a better leader.

  2. The company achieves a greater ROI on your salary and function.

  3. Job experience plus and APICS certification can be as valuable as an $80,000 MBA.

  4. Makes a resume stronger. Tim always looks for APICS certifications when he’s considering resumes.

  5. Provides an opportunity to update your business card with CSCP, CPIM or CLTD acronyms.

  6. Demonstrates initiative and a person’s willingness to sacrifice personal time to differentiate themselves from others.

  7. APICS certification indicates a strong understanding of the science of supply chain.  A strong supply chain manager needs to know how things should be done to improve things that aren’t running as well as they should.

  8. APICS academics, classroom or cohort networking and getting “out of the office” provide good balance against the organization dynamics and stresses at work. APICS curriculum and content provide context and perspective for the things we do in supply chain and why we do them.

  9. An APICS certification demonstrates you have bandwidth and potential beyond what folks see in meetings or while you are working at your desk.

  10. In terms of a Power Base, an APICS certification provides “a legitimate power base” because you are viewed as a subject matter expert.  This can strengthen your influencing skills and ability to drive change and get things done.

Hear from Tim directly in the recent webinar recording below on the value of APICS education and membership. You'll also hear from our chapter leaders and APICS instructors. 

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