Testimonial: Value of CSCP Certification

Are you looking to advance in your supply chain career and interested in getting a certification?

Congratulations to Molly Barndt, Supply Chain Instructor at Waukesha County Technical College for recently earning her APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) certification!

Molly shares her feedback below on the CSCP certification content and process. In terms of what to expect within the content of the CSCP course, Molly states, “For those interested in learning about all aspects of the supply chain, the CSCP course is how.

The course covers topics that range from S&OP, information systems, production strategies, logistics, SCOR, balanced scorecard, finance, and much more. Even as content was moved online due to Covid-19, the course provided a broad, yet detailed, look at all facets of the supply chain.

Having worked in supply chain, I understood many concepts, however, there were areas I was not familiar with (IT, logistics), so this course was beneficial in deepening my understanding."

She also shared her advice on steps for prepping and taking the exam.

“Overall, it's important to know the APICS terms and definitions - questions are asked in a way that you need to know the terminology.

In terms of preparing for the exam, I recommend the following in addition to attending instructor-led classes:

  1. Read the books. There are many questions that were in the text and not necessarily in the practice quizzes.

  2. Take all of the quizzes, twice.  When I took a quiz, I would immediately retake it (if scored less than 90%), because then I would see the questions again and know the right answer the second time.  Repetition and seeing content was a good study technique.  Sometimes I would also have the book open and would actively look for the answer while taking the quiz -forced me to read more on certain topics.

  3. Take practice exam twice. This was very helpful for me to see how the exam layout would be, 150 questions, timed.

During the exam, I was able to manage time well – finishing a first pass and flagging any questions I wasn't quite sure on. Next, I went back to all flagged questions with one hour remaining.  I then was able to spend time analyzing and spent the last half hour going through at a quick clip every question to make sure I didn't make any mistakes.”

Congratulations again to Molly for her efforts and earning the CSCP certification! The CSCP designation is the most sought-after certification by supply chain professionals around the globe seeking to achieve mastery and recognition in their field.

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