Supply Chain Careers and Median Salaries

Are you considering a career move into supply chain?

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With the world now realizing the importance of supply chains and companies adding supply chain leaders to the C-Suite, it has become a very popular field to work in. If you are thinking about making a career move into supply chain management, the good news is there are a lot of positions and job opportunities to choose from.

Recently, Rasmussen College analyzed 50,000 supply chain job postings and data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to identify 9 Supply Chain careers and median salaries summarized below.

  1. Purchasing agent: Purchases equipment, parts or services needed for the operation of a manufacturing establishment. Prepares purchase orders, solicits bid proposals and reviews requisitions for goods and services. Negotiates and administers contracts with suppliers, vendors and other representatives.

Median annual salary (2019): $64,380

  1. Operations manager: Responsible for the overall operations of a public or private organization. Directs and coordinates activities dealing with the production, pricing, sales or distribution of products. Reviews performance data to measure productivity and identify areas needing cost reduction or process improvement.

Median annual salary (2019): $100,780

  1. Logistics analyst: Analyzes supply chain processes to identify or recommend optimizations and improvements. Maintains databases that compile and organize logistics information. Provides ongoing analyses in areas such as transportation costs, parts procurement, back orders or delivery processes.

Median annual salary (2019): $74,750

  1. Purchasing manager: Plans and directs the activities of buyers, purchasing officers and others involved in purchasing materials, products and services. Represents companies in negotiating contracts and formulating policies with various suppliers. Interviews and hires staff and oversees the training and development of existing employees.

Median annual salary (2019): $121,110

  1. Supply chain manager: Directs and coordinates supply chain processes to limit costs and improve accuracy, customer service and safety. Monitors forecasts and quotas to identify changes and determine their effect on supply chain activities. Develops procedures to help coordinate supply chain efforts with other departments, such as sales, marketing, finance, production and quality assurance.

Median annual salary (2019): $110,630

  1. Logistician: Analyzes and coordinates an organization’s logistical functions. Develops and maintains positive relationships with a client’s key personnel involved in logistics activity. Reviews logistics performance with customers, weighing against targets, benchmarks and service agreements.

Median annual salary (2019): $74,750

  1. Logistics manager: Coordinates an organization’s purchasing warehousing, distribution, forecasting, customer service and planning efforts. Manages the personnel and systems involved in daily logistics operations. Collaborates with other departments to integrate logistics with business systems or processes.

Median annual salary (2019): $94,560

  1. Production, planning and expediting clerk: Organizes and expedites the flow of work and materials between an organization’s departments according to production schedule. Distributes production schedules and work orders to various departments. Arranges for delivery, assembly or distribution of supplies to accelerate the flow of materials.

Median annual salary (2019): $48,260

  1. Storage and distribution manager: Oversees a facility’s storage or distribution operations or that of an organization that’s engaged in storing or distributing materials or products. Interviews, selects, trains and supervises warehouse personnel. Develops and implements warehouse safety and security activities and programs.

Median annual salary (2019): $94,560

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