Prepare for Supply Chain Recovery - Optimize Production and Distribution Capacity

Are you looking for actions you can take now to prepare your supply chain for COVID-19 recovery? 

Recently McKinsey & Company shared in their special Coronavirus collection, how you can prepare for supply chain recovery with the tactic of optimizing production and distribution capacity. We've summarized below their suggestions. 

Per McKinsey, after creating transparency with suppliers, estimating available inventory along the value chain and assessing realistic final-customer demand, the next step is to focus on production and distribution capacity. 

Optimize production and distribution capacity

"Armed with a demand forecast, the S&OP process should next optimize production and distribution capacity. Scenario analysis can be used to test different capacity and production scenarios to understand their financial and operational implications.

Optimizing production begins with ensuring employee safety. This includes sourcing and engaging with crisis-communication teams to communicate clearly with employees about infection-risk concerns and options for remote and home working.

The next step is to conduct scenario planning to project the financial and operational implications of a prolonged shutdown, assessing impact based on available capacity (including inventory already in the system). To plan on how to use available capacity, the S&OP process should determine which products offer the highest strategic value, considering the importance to health and human safety and the earnings potential, both today and during the future recovery.

The analysis will draw on a cross-functional team that includes marketing and sales, operations, and strategy staff, including individuals who can tailor updated macroeconomic forecasts to the expected impact on the business. Where possible, a digital, end-to-end S&OP platform can better match production and supply-chain planning with the expected demand in a variety of circumstances."

Taking steps now can help ensure your supply chain is ready for COVID-19 recovery. 

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